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    Colonial Penn Life Insurance

    Hello all members out here do not buy or sign up for a policy with this company Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company. This is a scam and they are using a Medical Bureau Index to find out your medical.
    This is a company working underground using this source to murder young men for their organs. This is just what was going on recent when they arrest a lot of people up north.
    I had a family member 20 years old who applied and he was murdered a month later after this company checked with MBA.
    Now, since his death they refused to apy his benefits. I am still held accountable for his burial expense. Then they know State Board of Insurance will do nothing for us. An employee was not even an insurance adjuster handling this claim calls himself an Insurance Consultant and he is licensed as no one.
    He than acts like a private investigator and he can not be licensed for that either. His background got to be shaky because he wants to be more than he is but a Willie to deny claims.
    Well, this company will be taken to court and they will pay. He wants to call but I am not going to talk with this trash my attorney will talk with lawyers now.

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    Re: Colonial Penn Life Insurance

    Golenboy - Colonial Penn Life is a legitimate company the sells valuable protection for the people they insure. Your experience is a tragic one but it has nothing to do with this company. You are completely misinformed to direct your blame at the company for the death of your relative.
    You are slandering a quality company without knowing what you are talking about.

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    Re: Colonial Penn Life Insurance

    I beg to differ. My mom signed up for Colonial Penn two years ago for the simple reason that when my dad passed away in 2005, she was never told GM obsoleted her life insurance policy. She found this out in 2008. My mother got sick with phenomia and went into the hospital. The phenomia spread from one to both lungs over night and she had to go on life support. Life support lead to a trach and life support and then she started doing better and they moved her to a rehab hospital. She developed a second bout of phenomia and the end result was ther was to much damage to her lungs and she could not live with out the machines and she passed away. Colonial Penn now does not want to pay her face value!! And I do hold liability of her burial. They have sent me forms to fill out to compare to the "5 questions they ask you". Her doctor filed out the same form and now they are tranferring it over to request more medical records because they are digging in her records as hard as they can to not pay her claim. I am seeking an attorney tomorrow because phenomia is not pre-existing and none of the questions CP asked relates to her scolosis nor were any of her health conditions a cause to her dealth. I have to agree.....THEY SUCK

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    Re: Colonial Penn Life Insurance

    I am 61 and needed life insurance pretty badly. Called Colonial Penn and was in absolute shock after they quoted a price of almost $10 a month for $1000 worth of coverage. I guess that is what you get for the cost of a "postage stamp."

    Spent a few days shopping around, and I now have a $300,000 policy for about $100 a month - guaranteed for 10 years ($200 a month for 20 year guarantee). So in other words, for what would have bought me about $10,000 coverage with Colonial Penn is getting me $300,000 with another company. That's 30 times better.

    Granted, the products are a bit different - in that I had to have a blood and urine test to get the $300,000 product. Nonetheless, I am very glad I took the time to get the alternative policy.

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