Poll: Are women being targeted online by scammers?

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    Scammers taking advantage

    I feel the scammers are trying to take advantage of my needy situation. I am a homeless person and I am looking for the love of my life but what I get is scammers betraying my trust and trying to use me to get whatever they think I have which is nothing.

    I want to make people aware that the scammers go after you if you have nothing and they sort of feed on you like a leech...... I am wise to their antics of pretending the love scene and then the other shoe drops so to speak and suddenly they are saying they are stranded, need money, have been robbed, have been shot or a family member has been shot and they are shrewd about it too and really play it up. Be aware that they have you believing they have a heart but in essence they do not. They only wish to get what you have. I have nothing and hence they get nothing but they will threaten you too so be aware of this as well everyone and take heed that there are nasty men out there. They have even portrayed themselves as white with a family when in essence they are black and have no children. I hope I get more input to see if there is anyone else who has been approached as I have....:yelcutelaughA:

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    Re: Scammers taking advantage

    There are scammers out there that will target anyone with an email address. They will pretend to be male, female, widowed, single parent, whatever they think will 'hook' you. Check out the 2 sites in my siggy line, both sites have listings of scammers and can help you determine if the person you are emailing might be a scammer even before the scammer has a family tragedy and asks for money. They would also love to collect the email addresses, scammers 'name', photos and 'scripted' emails you have been sent for their collections.

    Whenever you are emailed from someone who appears to be a great match, google their email address, name and parts of the email. You might be surprised what you find. Posting the scammers data here, there, everywhere is the first defence against the scammers.
    Found a scam or scammer's email address? Post it at scamwarners.com
    Found a romance scam? Post it at romancescam.com

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