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    CERT Group Inc???


    Recently I was emailed by Cert Group Inc who says they viewed my resume online at Career Builders.

    They claim to process money for their clients through you(me) and my banking account. Basically they deposit money into my account and then I must wire transfer it to wherever they need it to go.

    My question is if anyone knows if they are legit?? Tried looking up their website on google but cant find it. The only way I can see their company is through a link they provided.

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    Re: CERT Group Inc???

    This type of "job" is called money laundering. And guess who will be left to pick up pieces and pay scammer's debts? Yes, you.

    There are no legitimate jobs in wiring money, through the bank or Western Union/Money Gram. It is always scam.

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    Re: CERT Group Inc???

    Check processing scam. Stay away from.

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