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    De Monaco Heritage Fund Grant Scam looking posted

    :judges: Hi I am looking for you Who Posted it I just got I think the Same letter about winning a Grant I got a Grant Comfirmation but I already sent the $25 thinking I won an Ohnast Person Reward they sent my Award looking for $35 more to get I think the Actual Grant Monies please e-mail me soon as you can I want to talk to U Thanks & have been scamed before
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    Re: De Monaco Heritage Fund Grant Scam looking pos

    :judges: Well whoever you are that asked for more info - I'm not about to send them money for sure. I have to admit that their letter sure sounds good and true. I too have been scammed before by people in Jamaica (and they don't give up either). I even had to change my cell phone number but they managed to find that also - they also have my home number but when I see who they are I blow a whistle in their ear but that doesn't stop them either. Be snow in July before I will actually reply to them as with DeMonaco Heritage. I guess they assume all Senior Citizens are going to respond. Would be great if true but ALAS it isn't so will just add that to rip-off as a warning to others. How sad this world has become that they bend to this kind of way to make their money. If you want any other info please send me an email.
    [email protected] and I will be happy to respond. You take care and hopefully no more of these scams.

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