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    Get Paid To Read & Process Emails.

    I have seen and heard so much about
    getting paid to process emails.
    Some of the presentations are extremely
    compelling, however, I don't intend to
    become another victim - again.

    I am appealing to anyone out there who
    knows and is using a legitimate system that makes it possible to make some
    money online doing just that "Processing

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    Re: Get Paid To Read & Process Emails.

    Processing emails usually translates to you placing ads online saying you have a work at home job available "processing emails".. when someone emails you wanting the information, you send them an email saying they can get started immediately and you will send them the training materials for a set amount of money. When they send you the money, you send them training materials that tell them to do the same thing.

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    Re: Get Paid To Read & Process Emails.

    Absolutely not a real way to make money online. I have tried well over 50 of these programs over the years and have had no success.

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    Re: Get Paid To Read & Process Emails.

    The only legitimate companies I know of where you can get paid to READ emails are Inbox dollars and sendearnings.They are 100% free to join and you can make a little extra income,but,this will not be full time income,maybe $60 a month if you do it everyday.They also offer paid surveys to help make money.They have a $30 payout and have both been around for awhile.Check out the second link in my sig to read a little more about both,if you're interested.

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