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    why people are scammed?

    With your indulgence I propose to offer a series of short posts based on the writings of acknowledged great thinkers, delving into my perspective of their findings and illuminating the psyche of those who all too commonly find themselves "victims" of scams.

    I would love to hear arguements against or for as long as they are presented rationally.

    Firstly I present the 3 foundation stones of logotherapy .
    definition LOGOS = greek for meaning.

    This must be held true; Search for meaning is the primary drive in life and not a secondary aspect and to achieve this we must identify each individuals specific ideals.

    1)attitude towards pain, as Nietzchse stated "he who has a why to live can bear almost any how"

    2) creation of something solid whether material or deed

    3) interactions and the resultant critique of those interactions.

    This set of parameters were first espoused by Frankl. V.

    To me the initial problem stems from an individual's misinterpretation of what really means something and although a study in 1983 of American and European University students revealled that a maximum of 25% were seeking financially reward, this changes to a much higher proportion by the age of 40.( sorry couldnt find a more modern yet properly conducted survey).

    People will still die for a cause; but has the modern popular and righteous cause become the seeking of wealth ? Has moral integrity become a casualty of that pursuit of happiness and meaning?

    Thank you for your indulgence or feedback.

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    Re: why people are scammed?

    My apologies, I though it may prove interesting but the forum has voted!

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    Re: why people are scammed?

    people are looking for fasteasy money that requires NO work.. get rich quick. have that mentality all your life and you will always be BROKE.

    Our kids today really are lazy and have this mentality really bad. Just go to yahoo answers and look in the finance posts. all the posts looking for "fast easy money while doing nothing".

    the government is a BIG promoter of get rich quick. it's called LOTTO, lottery, etc.

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