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    Alstate Trying to Scam Me?

    I have Allstate insurance here in middle Tennessee on my home which I own (still paying mortgage though)

    September 11 this year my house burned due to a grease fire and my 3 cats died in the fire (im a big animal lover so that means a lot to me) and it was estimated that the Contents inside the house were a 100% loss and also the whole inside of the house needed to be gutted and rebuilt.coverage on the house was around 90,000.

    My problem is the insurance guy is trying to only replace HALF the houses wiring instead of the whole thing. He said they only owed us for what was burned.

    I've talked to several Contractors who told me anytime there is something like a house fire, the WHOLE house needs to be rewired because it's hard to tell what was and wasn't damaged, not to mention my house is from the 40's and was are wired in the 70's I think.

    Also the house had on the outer layer sheetrock , under that was like 4 layers of wallpaper, then another layer of Sheetrock then a layer of beadboard. The insuarance person said he was only going to cover like 1 layer of sheetrock..

    My understanding is they owe you for what you have.. Now I'm not trying to put all those layers back up, but I want the money FOR them so I can use it for other parts of the house..

    So in closing, does anybody think if I argue enough with him about the half house wiring and the many layers of Sheetrock/wallpaper that he will eventually HAVE to give in or will it be a lost cause and just delaying more time on rebuilding my house inside?

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    Re: Alstate Trying to Scam Me?

    Hammer him on the wiring.
    Get documentation and affidavits - on paper, signed and dated, no hardcopy e-mails - from the contractors, fire marshal, and building inspector; if you can get documentation that Not replacing all wiring in this instance is a violation of the local building code, you've got the upper hand.
    The sheetrock? Not gonna happen.
    Beadboard (not familiar with that term) sheetrock, wallpaperX4, sheetrock - that's not construction so much as accretion.
    Try arguing that the geological layering from generations of relaxed interior designers added to the R value of the walls. Maybe the insurer will spring for a few rolls of fiberglass insulation, but I wouldn't hold my breath: argue it anyway - it's a bargaining point you can concede to get agreement on the whole house wiring.

    Good Luck, and get all promises - and estimates - in writing.

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    Re: Alstate Trying to Scam Me?

    You likely have an HO-3 policy, so lets break this into 2 parts. First the wiring. If your wiring is damaged, they owe to repair or replace it. Its up to you to prove that its damaged, not them to prove it isn't. Hire an Electrical Engineer to test the system, and write a report with his findings. In the end its either OK or its not. Just because its older does not automatically mean its bad. If its a matter of the building inspector saying there is a code issue, get it in writing, including the actual text of the code itself.

    Now for your wall issue. As a Property Claims Manager I love this one. So let me get this straight, you want them to pay for one layer of drywall, then the cost to install 4 layers of wallpaper, a few coats of paint, then a 2nd layer of drywall, and a few more coats of paint? If I was your adjuster I would pay for it, but only after you actually installed all 13 layers and then only just to piss you off. Dont be greedy. Its crap like that which is killing your credibility on the wiring.

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