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    ? about job listing on hotjobs

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I wasen't sure where else to put it. I'm am currently unemplyoed and looking for a job. I've looked at all the places like careerbuilder, monster and hotjobs. Today I found a job on hotjobs that just seemed a litttle odd. It is not for a work at home job, but the pay seems high for no experience. I've seen similar wages for other manufacturing/production jobs. When I go to apply for them, the website looks the same, except different name. They don't ask for a home #, but just a cell. Is this just some sort of scam? I've worked in the manufacturing field for 12 year and I've never come across a job that paid $19.25 per hour without a degree or experience. I have a degree and I never got that per hour. Anyways, here is the link. Should I report this to hotjobs?


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    Re: ? about job listing on hotjobs

    It doesn't say it's a work at home job? Being that it appears to be at a plant I can't see anything iffy about it.

    Doesn't make me right, I just can't see anything goofy about the listing at all.

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    Re: ? about job listing on hotjobs

    The ad is fairly well written, but the wages offered - almost double the going rate - plus the lack of company name, is a big red flag mit bellringing und fireverken yet.
    I suspect it's a cloaked come-on for the check cashing scam as illustrated Here:

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    Re: ? about job listing on hotjobs

    yep, be wary of any checks with requests saying you need to buy some of equipment and send the rest of the money back to "company". And this is definitely should not be work at home job.

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    Re: ? about job listing on hotjobs

    No company name listed, that is suspicious. Checking out the job description I found this troubling line:

    In this position, your job will consist of shipping receiving...
    Sounds like possible re-shipping scam to me.
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    Re: ? about job listing on hotjobs

    With a little googling it appears the same job is listed in many many cities. Now while there are companies who have plants all over, it's not really likely. I would think that puts it in the area that really isnt' a brick and mortar building.

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    Re: ? about job listing on hotjobs

    I wonder what the purpose of the ad was for? I just got suspicious when they didn't say what company it was and when they just asked for a cell phone #. I've seen similiar ads for warehouse workers that paid a lot more and when you click to apply, it's the exact same website, except different staffing agency name. I live in the dfw area, and I've never heard of a chemical plant. No warehouse is going to pay $19.50 per hour period. The most you can get is about $12 per hour and those jobs get hundreds of applicants.

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