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    Scam? "PA Bureau of Compliance"

    My parents received in the mail today a letter claiming to be from the Pennsylvania Revenue Department, Bureau of Compliance.
    It had a (correct) social security number listed, and claimed that we imported $2000 in foreign goods and owed 6% tax on those goods.

    It gives an address:
    pa department of revenue bureau of compliance dept. 281221
    harrisburg, pa 17128-1221

    And asks to call a "tax discovery specialist" and gives a number.

    This seems really fishy to me. We haven't imported any foreign goods of course. But it seems like they want us to call to contest it, and then the scam would start from there?

    The thing is, I looked on the PA revenue department website, and it does mention a Bureau of Compliance, but it does not list any address or phone number, so I can't confirm or deny it.

    Anyone else know if this is a scam or not?


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    Re: Scam? "PA Bureau of Compliance"

    I don't know if it's a scam or not, but you should be able to determine if the notice is genuine by ringing the Revenue Department's main number (from their web site) and ask to be put through to the person named as the compliance officer.

    If the notice IS genuine and you HAVEN'T imported the goods, then it sounds like someone might be using your identity to avoid tax. I think that's something you'd want to determine pretty quickly so you can take action.

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