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    Quailty Art Auctions

    does anyone know qart.com's arts real or fake? I can see they keep relist the same arts again and again for many days.

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    Re: Quailty Art Auctions

    I took a quick look at it, everything appears to be *prints*, it's not original art.

    For art like that, buy it for *personal enjoyment* only. To hang on the wall and look at.

    Do NOT think of it as an "investment", because a mass-produced print will never be "rare" or "valuable".

    Hope this helps. Good luck. :spin2:

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    Re: Quailty Art Auctions

    I can't imagine my life without art. This is what I wake up for every morning and this is what I live for. I have about 5 paintings at home from Le Cadeaux Gallery and each of them is just a masterpiece with deep meaning. If you have never visited Le Cadeaux Gallery, I highly recommend it.

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