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    BEWARE of Mischa Redmond CardPayment Solutions

    This is a public service warning to beware of one of the greatest con-artists ever encountered, Mischa Redmond, and the credit card processing companies he is associated with, CardPayment Solutions, subsidiary of iPayment Inc . He is very cunning and smooth in his delivery of empty promises and pie in the sky rewards to motivate you into sales, of course under him and profiting him as in an unbalanced MLM pyramid. He is a top earner and "manager" of in one of the nastiest unethical credit card processing companies iPayment Inc and its subsidiary Cardpayment Solutions. He also does business under is own company name, The Redwoods Company.

    This man is 110% selfish and will have no problem using any would be sales guy for all his talent and energy, promising to earn as much as him, which is $30k approx per month, all from reaping off the hard work of others doing so to reach the never attainable goal of making as much money as him. It is impossible within that organization because he has lifetime contracts with iPayment/Cardpayment to earn such a size-able portion of the merchant account profits that there can never be a higher percentage paid to one of his sales guys. He will promise you that you can become a manager and train teams like him and earn what he does. This is impossible no matter what you do. He will still drive his new Porsche paid for by you. His contract states that he will make more money off you and your teams accounts than you do (and ever can). An astounding example of his complete lack of ethics: he will tell you a story of how he formerly had a door to door auto coupon company and team of sales guys working for him. Mischa Redmond was so completely flagrant at his then young age about his greed and lack of conscience about profiting from others work that all his sales guys left him after being fed up with their work paying him to party and date many women while spending his days driving his viper and lounging on a boat. This caused Mischa to file bankruptcy since he paid the loans on his sales guys cars (amazingly).

    CREDIT CARD PROCESSING MERCHANTS BEWARE OF MISCHA REDMOND! He supports the charging of rate hiking, erroneous fees, and non-agreed fees by your credit card processing company in return for receiving a portion of the profit. His word means nothing. He makes a large portion of monthly and annual fees you didn't agree to including the $9.95 monthly "iAccess" fees and annual account maintenance and PCI compliance fees. He will support any and all fees charged to you, so long as he makes a portion of the profit. He will lie to you and give excuses as to why the fees are legitimate in order to retain you as a customer and not refund the fee. If you complain enough, he will drop the fee, but it will be re-applied later by his company, and of course he will continue to profit from screwing you.

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    Re: BEWARE of Mischa Redmond CardPayment Solutions

    Please be advised that the above article was written by an ex-rep that was fired for misrepresentation. He worked for me for over 3 years and was always treated with the utmost respect. In fact when he joined our team at CardPayment he was driving an old VW Jetta and borrowed money for gas, and by the time he left he was driving a nearly new BMW. In addition this former rep has a criminal record and was busted for selling fake sunglasses on the Internet.

    I have always run my business in the most professional manner possible.
    We take care of all of our reps and as a testament to that effect 16 out of 17 reps stayed with our company when we left Card Payment and started our own ISO. My employees have been with us for over 3 years. We take pride in full disclosure with our reps and provide them with detailed reporting of all transaction history associated with their merchant accounts. In addition, we take pride in our charitable contributions to the local community.

    Ipayment is one of the most respected processors in the country and has developed equitable partnerships with many other ISO's all over the country.

    It is unfortunate that in this day and age someone with an axe to grind can post a completely false posting on a website designed to deliberately ruin someone's reputation.

    We will be filing suit against this former rep for defamation of character and slander.

    Thank you for letting me respond.

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    Re: BEWARE of Mischa Redmond CardPayment Solutions

    The Original Poster is right! He screwed me for years on PCI Compliance Fees and iAccess fees. I was told I would be paying $10.50 per month so I could process credit cards for my business, but every month he adds $30-45 in PCI Compliance Fees. All that for only 1 transaction per month at the most! It is definitely a scam. And now he starts a new company to try and cover his tracks. Check it out on the BBB, he has a F- Rating.

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    Re: BEWARE of Mischa Redmond CardPayment Solutions

    Cardpayment Solutions in California IS a scam! You should be ashamed of yourselves! Robbing small companies blind! PCI compliance fees, iaccess fees, additional fees almost every month that you have to call the companies 800 # to get information on what ridiculous fees they are charging. And by the way customer service reps are extremely rude and unprofessional. My small business is getting charged approximately $80/month on BS charges for sometimes one transaction under $200! Run away from this company and any and all reps!

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    Re: BEWARE of Mischa Redmond CardPayment Solutions

    Wow! This is so informative.

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