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    Insiders Electronics Associates Program

    Came across an article and an ad for the Complete "Insiders Electronics Associates Program" in Money Making Opportunities Magazine and am wondering if anyone here has participated or knows anything about it. Thier URL is www.zerocost4me.com and they do offer a money back guarentee but like all others, it sounds too good to be true. Any thought?

    Mike :confused:

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    Re: Insiders Electronics Associates Program

    :mad: I really think it's a shame that you are here trying to get answers about this program, when all you are interested in - is finding out how their ( www.zerocost4me.com ) program works, without having to spend your mere 29.00 fee to join their program.

    :D Ok - so I'm a cheap skate too, but I did at least pay for the program and will play your game to tell you exactly how the www.zerocost4me.com program works.

    It's simple - Bob Sterling the operator of www.zerocost4me.com is a genious because he discovered that electronic manufacturers HAVE TO (MUST) give away a certain dollar amout of electronics every year in order to recieve certain Tax Write Offs called DEMO UNIT MARKETING EXPENSES. If they do not give away the allotted electronic (DEMO UNITS) they loose their Tax Break for the following year and it is taken away from the company. And believe me - no company wants to loose a tax break.

    Participants of www.zerocost4me.com simply pay their small fee to join and then accept the DEMO Units from manufacturers around the world. Some demo units you have to pay shipping on - but 95% of the units are shipped to your door at NO Charge to you...

    The catch? You have to actually use the demo units and write a short review of how you liked or disliked the particular electronic item you received, then you mail or email Bob Sterling your review... If you can read and write, this shouldn't be a problem for you.

    I have received GPS Receivers, DVD Players, TV's, Electric Can Openers, MP3 Players, Digital Camcorders & Digital Cameras, 2 Laptop Computers, 1 Desktop Computer (that I write this message to you with now), and lots of kinda strange stuff like, 3 dozen boxes of Lazer Pen Pointers, 14 weird Alarm Clocks from China that project the time on the cealing of your room, and a weird GPS Dog Collar that lets you track where your dog is on the Internet if you loose him/her.

    Bob offers a $5,000 guarantee - if you don't get $5,000 worth of free stuff in the 1st six months, he will refund your mere 29.00 fee. For me, I would have paid 299.00 as I have probably received at least $9,000.00 worth of stuff already in just 4 months and have sold most of it on Ebay for a Profit that I desperatly needed to pay for my wife's mounting doctor and hospital bills (another story).

    Point is - don't be a cheap skate and think everything has some kind of gimmick. - Ok, we'll I know some things are a gimmick, but www.zerocost4me is real and honest. :)

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    Re: Insiders Electronics Associates Program

    Die In Lava Spammer.
    JESUS JUICE - Newest And Bestest Christ-Centered MLM Business Opportunity. If you really really really love Jesus and money PM me for info.

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    Re: Insiders Electronics Associates Program

    does this work or is it just a waste of 29.00?

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    Re: Insiders Electronics Associates Program

    LOL - it seems like they took someones $29 and built their website with it.

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    Re: Insiders Electronics Associates Program

    The transfer of this program and secret information is final and you order on the promise that you will NEVER share this information with anyone outside your immediate family.
    Yeh right. Scammer.

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    Re: Insiders Electronics Associates Program

    I will try it, I have been to tons of websites trying to figure out if this is a scam or not and no one has given an honest answer. So I will pay for the program and try it out and if it is for real then I go to all of these websites and let everyone know.

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    Re: Insiders Electronics Associates Program

    Found this posted on another board about this company. Thought it might interest you:

    Definitely a rip-off. They want you to send $30.00 bucks and they send you list of overseas wholesalers addresses and tell you to write them requesting a sample of their product.

    These companies may send you a sample thinking you are a legitimate retailer here in the states. But this scam has been tried on them so many times they now require you to pay for your item plus outrageous shipping charges. They tell you they will deduct the cost of the free sample after you place your first order of 100 or more pieces. Be wary!!"

    Found on http://answers.yahoo.com/question/in...1052908AAHYnlV

    I tried something like this about 2 years ago and I paid $50.00 and got a CD on how to make money at home (an advertisement), a box of envelopes (that wouldn't stay shut unless you used glue), and a box of Ticonderoga pencils with detailed instructions on how to use them. That was it. I filled out all the included paperwork (which I used the pencils for) but never saw another thing.

    Sorry for the bad news. I'm hoping to find a way to make a little extra money right now, too.
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    Re: Insiders Electronics Associates Program

    Holy Cow. Have you looked at the website. Red flags every where.

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    Re: Insiders Electronics Associates Program

    no refund available until AFTER 6 months if you don't receive AT LEAST $5,000 in merchandise. =-.-= okay well that's 1 thing wrong with it so far let's see what ells is wrong with it. List of consumer electronics promised, when allowed inside list of a whole bunch of videos with NO ELECTRONICS LIST AT ALL that i could find that's 2. looking around the page i found NO SIGN OF A WAY TO CONTACT THE COMPANY i finally managed to get ahold of them through replying to all those emails they sent me. so ya y'know how usually it's super easy to find the contact us buttons and such? Ya there were no signs of that anywhere so that's strike 3. I'm currently trying to make sure they NEVER contact me again even though i know i won't get my refund. and i'll be back to let you all know how that pans out when they reply

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    Re: Insiders Electronics Associates Program

    Do not give them your money. Save it and look for other legit jobs that you can work online.

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