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Thread: About Arise.com

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    About Arise.com

    I found this job Arise.com and is asking for 150dollar,
    ok but is this scam or not and yah.

    How is the Class Hard or Easy?:spin2:

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    Re: About Arise.com

    It's not a scam. The money is for your certification and setting up your corporation.

    You should definately read through the threads at workathomespace and other work at home forums about arise so you can learn everything you need to know before making a decision and applying.

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    Re: About Arise.com

    This is a real job. I have contracted with Arise for almost 3 years. The money that you pay upfront is for the intial training. Sometimes there is a $99 special, this usually happens around the summer months.

    I love it. You need a dedicated phone line, a computer , internet connection and a quiet place to work .

    My intial startup was under $100 (not including the training fee).

    I already had a computer that meet the requirements needed to serivce the clients, and the went to ebay/amazon and found a headset.

    If you go to the arise.com site this link can be found


    It is a story from Good Morning America regarding Arise

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    Re: About Arise.com

    Also, once you have intially certifed with arise, you will select a client and certify with them. This fee ranges $50 -$250, just depends on the client and the length of the certification.

    You must understand you are acting as an incorporated business, so these are your business startup costs and investments to train. If you are successful, you can easily recoup that investment.
    Arise is very helpful answering any questions that you may have and offering support throughout the training and throughout the servicing of the client.

    Again, this is your businesss, you are the owner, principal, president, etc.. So understand the fees I mentioned are just as if you worked for an employer and they pay for your training. You will be the employer so you pay for your own training.

    This link is also available on the Arise.com portal--


    Just various news reports about arise

    Hope it helps

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