This is for yours kind information that we are feeling cheated by M/s DLF Constructions where we feel its happen because of hidden support of State Bank of India, I am enclosing the detailed information for yours perusal and hope the appropriate action will be taken and my all interests will be protected under yours kind intervention.

Why I am saying DLF is doing fraud more than Satyam?

I booked one flat in there project Express Green, Gurgaon Project which was clearly finance by State Bank of India which boast my confidence in this project. I am with the continuously interacting with them and then one day very strange facts arise as under:-

As per Haryana Govt., No Builder can launch any project prior taking all necessary approvals. But DLF Launch there project before taking any approval from the Govt. and start demanding more and more money.

Even they approached the leading banks for *******, they agree to fund there customers without any approvals.

Details are as under:-

I agreed & booked the Flat of 2125 sq. feet with following terms:-

Rate Size Total

Basic Cost 2350 2125 49,93,750.00
PLC 400 2125 8,50,000.00
EDC/IDC 150 2125 3,18,750.00
Car Parking (2 No.) 6,00,000.00
Total 67,62,500.00

At the time of Booking, DLF explained me that, In case any amount paid by me extra will remitted with 13% interest.

Note: At the time of depositing Rs. 40,63,076.00 I have taken home loan from SBI. I was convinced that SBI has already checked all the approvals. But I come to know that DLF get approval from Environment Ministry is 2nd Week of September 2009. Its indicate that DLF had provide wrong information to SBI.

As per Income Tax Rule, DLF has to deduct TDS from the income from Interest, But DLF does not deduct the same, because DLF wants to cheat there customers. So I am forwarding my request to CBDT that they should conduct Tax audit of DLF.

DLF shown the rates of Flats are less in there books of Accounts, Due to this Revenue Department Get Less amount of stamp duty. I am forwarding my request to CBI and Revenue Department to conduct a high level inquiry for the same.

I received a letter dated 2nd April 2009 from DLF informing following:-

1. Compensation of Rs. 10.00 per sq. yard will be provided, in case DLF failed to provide the Possession within 3 Years. It means DLF will provide me Rs. 21,250 per month for using money withing my willingness. It means, after investing Rs. 67,62,500.00, User will get Rs. 21,250.00 per month. That too at the DLF mercy!

2. DLF converts my booking into Construction Linked Payment Plan. Ideally, DLF should refund the extra money to my banker SBI. But DLF does not do the same. In the above light, I will request to SBI that they should not fund any DLF project to avoid increasing in NPA.

3. DLF wills providing me interest 13% pa... But DLF does not book the same and account far due to there malefic intentions.

4. DLF is providing 20% Discount. Facts are as under:-

DLF credited Rs. 8,18,629.50 into my account that is 12.10 % of Rs. 67,62,500.00

When I tell to DLF, that you should give back my extra money to State Bank of India, They told me that in that case, we will not provide you any interest 23rd Feb 2009 to till date.

5. DLF claims to give the Extra 5% space.

Carpet Area of there Flat is only 1353 sq. feet against 2230 Super Area. that means they are charging 65% more for common space like lift etc.

Calculations of there Carpet Area of 2230 Sq. feet Flat is as under:-

Ent. Lobby 5'4" x 3'11" = 20.89
Bed Room-1 10' x 13'11 = 139.17
Toilet - 1 4'6" x 7'9" = 34.88
Living Room 10'3" x 15'5" = 158.02
Dinning Room 14'6" x 11'1" = 160.71
Servant Room 7'7" x 6'10" = 51.82
Servant Toilet 5'2" x 4'3" = 21.96
Store Room 4'10" x 4'3" = 20.54
Kitchen 8' x 12'1" = 96.67
Wide Passage 3'5" x 10'6" = 35.88
Bed Room - 2 10'6" x 13'10" = 145.25
Toilet - 2 5'1" x 7'9" = 39.40
Bed Room - 3 13'4" x 10' = 133.33
Toilet - 3 4'7" x 10' = 45.83
Bed Room - 4 11' x 17'8" = 194.33
Toilet - 4 5'7" x 9'8" = 53.97

Total 1352.64

In addition to that DLF provide 3 Balcony having following dimensions:-

Balcony - 1 5' x 11' = 55
Balcony - 2 5' x 11' = 55
Balcony - 3 5' x 11' = 55

Total 154

50% of Balcony = 77

In case, we 77 sq. feet also, then also DLF is charging 55% more space for Lift and Common Space against normal practice of 15-20%.

We need your support to resolve the aforesaid matter and major concern to protect the interest of mine, you and other genuine buyers.

A frustrated customer.