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    Nelson Research Group

    They put an ad in our local newspaper asking for "Participants for Research." We pay $7.95, they send us $1000 in grocery vouchers. Sounds too good to be true. Anybody have any experience???

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    Re: Nelson Research Group

    This was the first relevant comment I found on the google.

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    Re: Nelson Research Group

    Nelson Research Group is not a scam but the call center they use to take orders for the coupon savings program does not explain the program well at all. The charge shows up on your credit card statement from "Products for life" and it is for $7.95. There are many other trial offers that are very hard to cancel and many times you are signed up without your permission. Each club they sign you up with has a monthly fee of anywhere from $14.95 to $19.95+ a month. It's very easy to get monly charges of over $80 a month if you don't call and cancel. Also it is not free groceries. Its a grocery savings program where you buy coupons online. There is a 10% processing fee and to get the $2000 in savings will cost you around $200. You can only buy products that they have coupons for. They are the same coupons you can find in the sunday paper and magazines. You don't get the product for free you only get a certain amount off the purchase of the product.

    Here are phone numbers to call and cancel all the clubs they sign you up with. Nelson Research Group can not cancel any of the clubs because the trial offers are mailed out by different companies. You are enrolled into the clubs after you verify the last 4 digits of your card number to the agent on the phone. If you said your card number over and over thats why, they are enrolling you in each club. They will read VERY fast and you have to be paying very close attention. Here are the numbers.

    Savings to Go: 1-800-215-6757
    Back Porch: 1-800-272-6611
    Easy Saver: 1-800-262-6199
    Money Edge: 1-866-206-0715
    Lesiure Plus: 1-800-526-1401
    Shopping Essentials: 1-877-442-5774
    At Home Rewards: 1-877-651-8508
    Buyers Edge: 1-888-326-7156
    My Advisor: 1-888-326-7156
    US Patriot: 1-877-822-6682
    Fun Pass: 1-877-537-3867
    ID Shield 360: 1-877-360-7443

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    Re: Nelson Research Group

    oh, shit, its a full time occupation just waiting on the phone to cancel all that crap. life is short.

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    Re: Nelson Research Group

    :zx11pissed:I too fell for a radio commercial asking for people to participate in a market reasearch survey about grocery shopping habits and for my participation I would receive $2000 in grocery "certificates". I am an avid coupon clipper and am pretty good at matching my coupons to sale items and in the end keeping a few dollars in my pocket. I was pretty excited about the opportunity to receive $2000 in manufacturers coupons that I wouldn't hae to cut out, that could be used in all of the stores in my area and that didn't have an expiration date. So, you can imagine my dismay upon completion of the survey and the rep telling me that I "qualified for the $2000 in grocery certificates", and he asked for my credit card number so I could be billed for the $19.95 shipping/processing fee. I asked - "why would I have to pay when you asked me to participate and I can go to the manufacturers website or call them directly and ask for coupons without having to pay them?" H eexplainedtha the fee was Nelson's fee for handling the survey and mailing out the 100s of 1000s of certifiactes to all of their satisfied customers. So I thought about and it did seem like a pretty good deal - $10 for $2000 - pretty good right? I asked the rep how exactly it worked and what else I had to do and he said nothing, just sit back and wait to get my certifiates. So thats what I did, it only took two weeks which I thought was great cause the coupons would come in handy for a part I am throwing. Well, I finally rec'd an envelope from Nelson last Friday and I was surprised at how small it was being that the shipping was $20 and it was supposed to be $2000 in coupons. My surprise turned to anger as soon as I opened the envelope and found a pamphlet and a cover letter, that's it - no certifiactes/coupons. My anger turned to fury when I read the letter and found out that I had to submit an oredr form from the pamphlet or go on-line and order the coupns that I wanted and pay additional fees and shipping. Are you kididng me? I asked about this so many times while talking to the telephone rep and he continually lied about having to take any extra steps or pay any additional fees. Then, to add insult to injury, they tell you over the phone that if you are not completly satisfied, you can call and request a refund and it would be double the amount you paid - NOT TRUE!!! I already submitted a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Good Housekeeping - the letter I received has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval - but they won't when I get done!!! I am also going to send an e-mail to the radio station playing the commercial and let them know that they are advertising for sam artists! Good luck all.

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    Re: Nelson Research Group

    I just wanted to say thank you to all whom post on here you guys saved me alot of money. I called "Products for life" while researching to see if it is a scam once i confirmed all i found this site. so i simply called my bank cancelled the transaction which by the way they had took there 19.95 shipping and handling fee. i was credited that and i also cancelled my card instantly. and i just wanted to say thank you!!!

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    Re: Nelson Research Group

    I just got off the phone with them and instead of giving them my bank debit/credit card I gave them a gift card visa that only has 97cents on it . They cant get a hold of my bank card can they ? I sure in the heck hope not ! ANYONE KNOW ?

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    Re: Nelson Research Group

    @rcgak47: No they cant

    @everyone else finding this page from google (like me):

    I fell for it, I ordered the "free grocery vouchers" (I'm guessing you did too if you're reading this). They should come in by friday. I'm a little disappointed that I researched them AFTER giving them my credit card, but at least I declined all the extra "savings" they were trying to fast sell me on the phone. I made sure to explicitly state multiple times that I wanted the coupons only, no trials no nothing else - just coupons.

    I plan on using the coupons (I read that you only get $10 at a time and you have to pay $2) for three months so that I can at least recoup the $19.99 I paid them.

    Here's the website that you order the coupons from: http://grocerysavers.com/

    If you haven't already, don't sign up with them. It's a waste of time and money, and if you're not careful, you'll end up unknowingly being signed up for a bunch of other offers that will make monthly charges to your credit card.

    This is not a scam, per se, but it is a deceptive selling tactic.


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    Re: Nelson Research Group

    Amazing what people do.

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    Re: Nelson Research Group

    I cal it a scam.

    I heard the same ad on the radio but when they said it was brought to you by the stimulous program I was curious how MY money was being spent. I called the number, had to wait and he said it wasn’t from the stimulous money! I know I heard that, twice!! Right away he tried to get my full name and address. I wanted to hear first. He said it was name brands, interjecting friendly chit chat to seem normal. He explained it was $2000 worth of coupons and you have a year to use it for only $19.95 for shipping and if you weren’t happy they would give you $30 just for trying. I asked him how shipping coupons be $20 and it should be more like .88 . He went on about the coupons being worth between $1-5 off a product. I told him I would have to ask my husband (I always use that one!) and he gave me his name and employee number so he would get credit (still trying to get my address and last name) when I politely said I wouldn’t until I checked he hung right up on me. Guess what..the customer service number was the same one another person somewhere here on Scam.com got except they wanted $7.95! She said she is still trying to get her money back
    I think it’s a scam!

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    Re: Nelson Research Group

    I heard the same thing about the stimulus program, and I was also hung up on when I asked a
    question. They want to convince you that this "opportunity may not be there" even if you
    call back the same day. One guy was very pushy and didnt care that i didnt have enough funds
    in my account. He would not have gotten the full 19.99 and i would have been overdrawn but
    he kept saying this offer would probably be gone ** noon that day. And they only aired the
    ad once for a couple nights I called the first time. Yet a month later im hearing the same
    ad, in fact I heard it a couple nights ago, which makes me think that if it was a scam as I
    suspected, the BBB would have shut it down. so I decided to check online before canceling.
    And it IS a scam at least in my case as I specifically asked if i could get the food that I
    normally buy, and was told yes without asking what I normally buy so that means I can buy
    anything in the store that qualified me (Safeway). Anyway, I was mad I got overdrawn even
    after putting the $20 in since the lady was talking so fast i accidently signed up for one
    of the trial offers before confirming that only 19.99 would be charged. She said yes but
    about 10 days later my card was charged 14.99 for the trial which I was told would only be
    charged if I didnt cancel within 30 days. So this seems to be an illegal scam if its true
    that the food is not free as incentive to participate in what I was specifically told was a
    Nielsen survey not nelson, and they specifically said VOUCHERS THAT CAN BE TRACKED, not
    coupons everyone gets in the mailbox. And this wont be the first time something heard on
    that radio station has been confirmed as bogus. I am disappointed that the station is so
    whorey as they wasted my time before checking the legitamacy of a make money at home ad. I
    find it hard to believe no one has called in to the program in a month and the station
    should have a disclaimer if they dont know their sponsors or how legit they are.

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    Re: Nelson Research Group

    I've been hearing the commercials on the radio for a few weeks now. I'm not sure if the name of whatever business or company this is supposed to be is Nelson Reseach Group, but by the looks of it....these are the same people.

    I called and received the recording that my call may be monitored or recorded. Got transferred to a guy (don't remember his name). He asked me my first name, which he repeatedly mispronounced. He asked me a lot of basic questions which seemed pretty reasonable (how much do you spend a month on food, do you buy a lot of name brand items, how many times a week do you go shopping for groceries...etc.) After answering his questions, he congratulated me on being a perfect candidate for the program. He went on to tell me that I would be sent $2,000 in vouchers for name brand grocery items. That they could not be used for cigarettes and/or alcohol and it was totally free.

    HERE IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING: He said that all I had to do was pay $19.99 or $19.95 for "the one time processing fee". And asked me for my credit card information. I told him I wasn't comfortable giving my information to a company that I wasn't sure was legit. He then gives me some spill about how he "completely understands my concern" and that the FCCA (or some other acronym) regulates all the commercials on the radio to filter out bogus companies and such. Then asked for my credit card information again.

    I told him I still wasn't comfortable with giving this information and asked if they had a website that I could go to and verify their legitimacy. He then told me that they DID have a website, but it was for "member's only" which is what I was paying to get access to. HOLD ON.....I thought the $19.95 was for the processing fee?? He then asked for my information AGAIN, directly after his "reassuring information". My answer remained the same....so he proceeds to tell me how the bank has measures to protect their members....blah blah blah.....and directly following this speech, he asks me to flip my card over and read him the numbers starting from left to right. I hung up the phone. I then googled this commercial and found this site. Glad I went with my gut.

    Not sure of the name of this "company" but this is the number that was advertised on the radio:


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    Re: Nelson Research Group

    Do not sign up for it. and if you do the number they give you at the end of the call to "Cancel if your not satisfied" isn't the correct number try: 866-508-2316

    thank you everyone for informing me it was a scam. :zx11pissed:

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    Re: Nelson Research Group

    I also fell for the $2000 grocery "voucher" scam and here were the emails and the responses I got back when I emailed customer service for my refund. Hope this helps other people from falling for it..

    refund investigation
    Wednesday, September 28, 2011 12:02 PM

    "Customer Service" cs11901@aol.com


    I am sorry the call center was hired by the owner to take calls for us. One call center has already been let go for misrepresentation. They are not our representatives. We are customer care. I am sorry I have no excuse for the call center and their practices. I am just glad they were fired.
    We are customer care offering refunds and information about the products. At the time they did the calls we did not take any orders. We are now set up to take new orders with full disclosure.

    I am sorry for the trouble that you and others went through. It beyond anything I can change. The call center was here before I was hired as customer care. All I can do is offer refunds and try to make things right for people.

    Have a good day
    Products for Life Customer care

    -----Original Message-----
    From: brenda mason
    To: Customer Service
    Sent: Wed, Sep 28, 2011 11:42 am
    Subject: Re: refund investigation

    I appreciate the effort you have put forth. Unfortunately I feel that many of your represenatives misinformed customers about your product. The way your product was described was that of a grocer "voucher" that had a bar code on it that I would scan at the register upon checkout and it would cover my household grocery cost up to $2000.00. They called it the grocery stimulus program. However all I received were charges from your sister companies that you advertise for which I cancelled and a charge of $19.95 from your company for something that I never even received and after reading many complaints at the BBB realized that what was described to me was also what was described to MULTIPLE other customers.

    --- On Tue, 9/27/11, Customer Service <cs11901@aol.com> wrote:

    From: Customer Service <cs11901@aol.com>

    Subject: refund investigation

    Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2011, 2:04 PM

    Not familiar with your case, I looked at the notes it started with Denise on 21st she did a credit review. We no longer have credit review I guess Denise needs to go in for new training. She could of done the refund that day but she set it up for review. We going to have to set her in for retraining proper way.

    When you emailed Stevi which was right way she a supervisor so she got your refund placed for you. Thats the issue right there was improper training. It started with call center giving wrong information, then Denise not being trained properly. Luckily you finally got someone who knows what she doing Stevi got it done for you.

    If you do not receive it by Tuesday the latest feel free to contact us we check on it.

    Products for Life


    -----Original Message-----

    From: brenda mason <motherof330106@yahoo.com>

    To: Customer Service <cs11901@aol.com>

    Sent: Tue, Sep 27, 2011 1:44 pm

    Subject: Re:

    i appreciate this however why did it take so long? I contacted your company via phone 18664460561 on Wednesday September 21, 2011 and the young woman stated that she had issued the refund? It has been almost a week and now you are just issuing the refund? I will forward this to the BBB so they can contact the local agency there in Reno and I have also contacted the advertisers at the the radio station where this ad was broadcasted. Your ad and the representative that took my order COMPLETELY misrepresented the products.

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