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    Canpages is a total ripoff!!!

    in June 2009, I signed a contract with Canpages to advertise my business with them in the Medicine Hat Directory.
    They didn't use the logo I provided, would return phone calls or respond to emails, left out vital info from my display advertising and totally omitted my business from the White Pages. I have told them that I will not be paying for the advertising and they are insisting that I pay 50%. I want other people to know about Canpages unsavory business practices. They don't hold to a contract and try to bully businesses around. Everyone please be aware...they have had numerous Better Business Bureau complaints against them. Anyone else out there who has been screwed over by Canpages??

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    Re: Canpages is a total ripoff!!!

    You should see this thread for simular information to your topic.

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    Re: Canpages is a total ripoff!!!

    I agree that canpages is a total ripoff!!! I go to Roxanne's skin laser clinic on m-33-970 Burrard st,Roxanne is well pronounced for excellent services,she is one of the best qualified in BC,I work justice dept,can pages moved all the recommendations to her previous place located on Robson st,the new owner doesn't even know the meaning of esthetics,the place does all v,basic services,not only that can pages was rude when lawyer spoke to them,the recommendations are from Roxanne's clients,lawyers,Doctors,Supreme court justice,we organized the meeting for a 100 client of hers,according to our knowledge the junior staff is double crossing their own company due to some reason ,otherwise theft is a crime &they know that.

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