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    Get Paid Daily Scam

    This scam has finally showed its true self. Based out of Panama today they finally cleaned out my account. Less than $20 total but the fact is the moderator (Tim) of the program on a daily basis and sometime more than once a day is begging people to invest $500 or more and he will give them a bonus plus anywhere from 10 to 50 free referrals. Will double your funds if you use Liberty Reserve or Strict Pay. Pays out 144% daily (right) supposed to pay on a daily basis when you have surfed required amount. Never happened always on file. When asked to payout he cleans out account. He also had a similiar program several months ago and knew he was going to shut it down and started getting ppl to sign up for Get Paid Daily then he totally disolved that program. Link follows DO NOT SIGN UP FOR IT!!:bah:


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    Re: Get Paid Daily Scam

    Update email sent 2 Aug 09, this is laughable admin does not reply to support requests. There is no link on site to cash out or refund also.

    Hello Members its a beautiful day isnt it? Well I got a guarantee for you starting today anyone who upgrades and your not satisfied I will refund you in full minus any funds youve been paid. Thats right a money back guarantee so you got nothing to lose and today for the 4 hours I will double every upgrade made using any payment processor, but this offer expires at midnight E.S.T sunday. Nows the time and GDP is tha place. TIM

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    Re: Get Paid Daily Scam

    Another email sent out pressuring people to join up so it can be shut down

    I am working on getting the purchase to register to your account this should be done sometime today. I offer for today any upgrade of 1000.00 or more admins account that has over 1800 referral links and you can make commissions left and right off that account and its all yours for a 1000.00 or more purchase. Have a good day. Tim

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    Re: Get Paid Daily Scam

    Well after numerous emails for support he finally shut me out of my account. Going back he also shut down an account that he was running in April taking untold thousands of dollars. Be on the look out for this crook:

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