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    The true conspiracy...JFK killed himself.

    Who killed JFK? If anyone should be responsible, let's blame the idiot who complained about the secret service...

    blame JFK for getting himself Darwin'd from existance.

    Looking back, JFK was no great president. His accomplishments really didn't merit extra rank, he was a failure in civil rights, he allowed the FBI to wiretap Rev. King and Malcolm X and he almost took the world to nuclear war with his personal war against Fidel Castro.

    He ordered the secret service to stay off his en car that day, he threated SS chief Rufus Youngblood's job over it and he had a history of defying agents, threatening agents, he was a publicity lusting idiot and that got him killed.

    Case is closed.

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    Re: The true conspiracy...JFK killed himself.

    Please read the following transcript between Arlein Specter and Agent Clint Hill...

    Mr. SPECTER. Are identical objects of those descriptions existing on each side of the President's car?

    Mr. HILL. Yes, sir; they do.

    Mr. SPECTER. Did you have any other occasion en route from Love Field to downtown Dallas to leave the followup car and mount that portion of the President's car?

    Mr. HILL. I did the same thing approximately four times.

    Mr. SPECTER. What are the standard regulations and practices, if any, governing such an action on your pert?

    Mr. HILL. It is left to the agent's discretion more or less to move to that particular position when he feels that there is a danger to the President; to place himself as close to the President or the First Lady as my ease was, as possible, which I did.

    Mr. SPECTER. Are those practices specified in any written documents of the Secret Service?

    Mr. HILL. No; they are not.

    Mr. SPECTER. Now, had there been any instruction or comment about your performance of that type of a duty with respect to anything that President Kennedy himself had said in the period immediately preceding the trip to Texas?

    Mr. HILL. Yes, sir; there was. The preceding Monday, the President was on a trip in Tampa, Fla., and he requested that the agents not ride on either of those two steps.

    Mr. SPECTER. And to whom did the President make that request?
    Mr. HILL. Assistant Special Agent in Charge Boring.

    Mr. SPECTER. Was Assistant Special Agent in Charge Boring the individual in charge of that trip to Florida?

    Mr. HILL. He was riding in the Presidential automobile on that trip in Florida, and I presume that he was. I was not along.

    Mr. SPECTER. Well, on that occasion would he have been in a position comparable to that occupied by Special Agent Kellerman on this trip to Texas?

    Mr. HILL. Yes, sir; the same position.

    Mr. SPECTER. And Special Agent Boring informed you of that instruction by President Kennedy?

    Mr. HILL. Yes, sir; he did.

    Mr. SPECTER. Did he make it a point to inform other special agents of that same instruction?

    Mr. HILL. I believe that he did, sir.

    Mr. SPECTER. And, as a result of what President Kennedy said to him, did he instruct you to observe that Presidential admonition?

    Mr. HILL. Yes, sir.

    Mr. SPECTER. How, if at all, did that instruction of President Kennedy affect your action and--your action in safeguarding him on this trip to Dallas?

    Mr. HILL. We did not ride on the rear portions of the automobile. I did on those four occasions because the motorcycles had to drop back and there was no protection on the left-hand side of the car.
    Case closed...Kennedy made himself a target.

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    Re: The true conspiracy...JFK killed himself.

    1967 TIME interview with Rufus Youngblood, Chief of the White House Secret Service detail to President Kennedy.

    "He was emphatic about what he saw as our over-protective interference. He complained many times that we obstructed his abilities in public presentation which were detramental to his effectiveness."

    "Mister Kennedy didn't make our work easy and often we exchanged some harsh comments, he on my agents and myself defending our purpose."

    "What's been missing in all the talk about the assassination is how adament the President was against our limiting his public exposure, we don't exist to offer the President glamor shots."
    Kennedy murdered himself.

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    Re: The true conspiracy...JFK killed himself.

    1975 Playboy interview with Clint Hill

    "I was told during our briefing before departure to Houston that the President didn't want agents riding on the runners of the limo, that came from Rufus in plain blunt English.

    "You keep your en agents off my car, I'm warning you Rufus."

    I hopped on the rear bumper behind Mrs. Kennedy four times in Dallas, the last time I got a look from the President like a set of daggers, he was pissed. He absolutely hated having us around but that doesn't mean he didn't understand our duty.

    What do you think I think about these so called conspiracies? I was there, up close and en personal were these people who claim to have heard about 3 4 5 or how many gunman climbing into that car? It's a disgrace, I heard the shots going off but I'm not superman with instant reaction and super mental telepathy! I live every day with all that hell in my en head."
    Kennedy killed himself.

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