Has anyone out there been scammed by this Co.? Do they really deliver what they say they are?? I went there for a job, mostly cause I was out of work for months, and they paid $16.00 per hour training. I figured I'd give it a try. They really don't give you any training, just alot of scripts to read, and have you listen in for a few hours to other telemarketers, and then they put you on the phone, all in the same day, within a few hours! They listen in on your conversations and tell you what you are doing wrong. Mostly it was that I wasn't aggressive enough, I didn't push and harrass the people, I was toooo nice, I wasn't the telemarketer type!!! I had worked for other telemarketing companys, but this was by far the worst!!!!!! My advice for the company, if you wanna get the job done, then don't harrass the people, if they have to check schedules and check with spouses, and can't get away in the next 2 weeks, then give a phone number so they can call back. They want you to stay on the phone and try to talk these people into something, and just keep harrassing them till they hang up on you. How ridiculous is that!! Next person that calls them is gonna really hear it for sure. Cause they always call back, even when you tell them you are not interested. Now think how nice it would be if you didn't harrass these people, maybe next time they would be called, they would be willing and able to set up an appointment. This company gives telemarketers the bad name that they have. If I had known there practices before I went there for a job, well I never would have gone there in the first place. And by the way, I quit the first day!!