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    Muna Business Consultants, Cameroon business scam

    I work for a compagny that manufactures laddes and scaffold - we just recieved this "promising" mail :judges: - with 99,9% certainty a scam. Just thought Id post it here - would be funny to hear if anyone else heard from this scammer hehe.
    And no we are not even going to answer it.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are very delighted to contact your company regarding this contract that has just been offered to us by the government of Cameroon.We are a business consultancy company based here in Douala Cameroon.We have been contracted by a top Cameroonian government official to search for a supplier or Manufacturer of ladders who can handle the supply of a huge amount of good quality ladders to the government of Cameroon; If your esteemed company has enough capacity to handle this contract,you let us know so that we can proceed with the rest of the relevant details.

    Best regards

    Cheffor McDonald
    Muna Business Consultants
    Co Ltd,Douala Cameroon
    Tel: +237 97152476
    Fax +237 33254578
    [email protected]

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    Re: Muna Business Consultants, Cameroon business s

    i doubt somebody working for the government of cameroon wld havea yahoo email address.

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    Re: Muna Business Consultants, Cameroon business scam

    It always seems to be from a yahoo email address??

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