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    Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula SCAM!

    With Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula you pay $37 for a bunch of useless ebooks that you couldn't sell to an Eskimo in a snowstorm, literally. There is no refund of course because they don't want to have to give your money back when you fail to make the $100 -$300 a day income they claim you will make in 24-48 hours.
    I worked the program, step by step for five days practically 24 hours a day and did not make a single dime.
    I should have known better. I googled Lauryn Herbert's name and saw a lot of good things written about her but then I realized she had written these things about herself as shameless self promotion.
    As a coach and self-help mentor, she is one of the rudest and boorish persons I have had the unfortunate opportunity to come across.
    I did ask for a refund because I felt cheated and she had one of her assistants call me long distance after I had sent her an email. He started raising his voice at me and I hung up.
    Below is the email I sent her:
    I see....you are really doing well for yourself. Never mind that you are scamming people out of their money, in this economy where people can barely afford to eat.
    Instead of being the helpful guru you've portrayed yourself as, I found you to be rude and boorish to the point where I simply stopped asking questions and tried to figure it out on my own.
    How disappointing...you are just like every other scammer out there; only concerned with yourself and what you can get out of people. What does it matter if you lie to get a sale because I know that you know there is no way to make the money your are claiming.

    The only one making money out of this is you.
    Well, I'm off to the SCAM Forums to write a review..

    And here is what her assistant wrote me back:
    From: support
    Subject: Re: Refund Request
    Date: Monday, September 28, 2009, 3:12 PM

    You don't want to hear the truth obviously. I know, it's much easier to blame someone else for your failure. That's how the world works. Of course you're not interested in someone calling you to give you answers...it doesn't surprise me. You purchased 17 ebooks. Those are digital goods. You cannot return those to me and as such,
    all sales are final. If we were such a scam, we wouldn't bother mentioning it very clearly in the free ebook available BEFORE purchase. We hide nothing. You probably looked right over it is
    the issue.

    I'm sure you are off to the scam forums to write a review. People like you can only be good at things like that. Good luck - you will need it. Why don't you include my personal phone number
    in your review. I bet you won't do that.

    My advice? Don't get involved with these people. You won't make $300 a day or $200 a day or even $100 a day as they claim. I doubt very seriously that you will even make your $37 back.
    Oh, and feel free to call 'Frank" (if in fact that is his real name)...
    I'm sure he'll have a whole bunch of excuses why I didn't make any income when I know I followed the program exactly step by step.
    Oh, and be careful...he likes to yell.

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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    Count you blessings that nobody tried to up-sell you. With most marketing scams it starts with $30-$200 joining fee and end up with slick marketer calling you to upgrade to another level(additional $2k-$20k). You can literally lose your shirt with anything called "marketing system"/"marketing program".

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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    This is Frank, co-creator and business partner with EffortlessWeb-CashFormula. I actually did try to call to find out what the problem was and how I could help.

    Unfortunately, with any business, or opportunity, (online or off), individual results will always vary and nobody can guarantee anyone person success. There are simply too many variables outside our control.

    With that said, there are many resellers that do in fact make money using EWCF, but of course, there will always be someone who doesn't, is angry about it, and regardless of what you do or say, you won't be able to make this person happy.

    We give everyone the same great marketing tools, advice, proven website that converts and we even send out ongoing updates telling resellers where to advertise and always giving them fresh headlines and ad copy to use, not to mention I personally take 20-30 phones calls a day.

    What other system does all that? Not many, if any, I'm sure.

    We have some people who get the EWCF system and hit the ground running, while others make a slower start and may only get a few sales after beginning to understand how to place effective ads online and we have those people that are still asking us how do they copy and paste.

    The point is, there is a diverse group of users and all have not only different levels of computer skills, but different levels of understanding.

    With EWCF, your job is to place ads online in places where you'll generate targeted traffic.

    If you're not placing effective ads online, yes, you can do it all day and probably not get the results you seek.

    And if this person was advertising for all those hours non-stop and didn't have any luck, it should have occurred to her that she was doing something wrong, but it didn't.

    Her one and only reaction was to call us a scam. It's a reaction that far too many people jump on the bandwagon of.

    I was calling to see what the issue might be. I think it's even nice an online opportunity would even care enough to give someone a call...but that's me.

    Before I even had the chance to find out what and how she was advertising, I was being called a scam 3 seconds into the conversation.

    As for the refund, no, we do not give refunds. That is clearly stated in our free ebook available for download that anyone can read BEFORE purchase.

    When you purchase the 17 ebooks (and I'll get to those in a minute), you are purchasing digital goods that once you download, cannot be returned to us. So no, we do state that all sales are final.

    We also clearly state in that same free ebook that we give you a free money-making website as an incentive to purchase the 17 ebooks. You see, we sell the ebooks, not a money making website. This allows us to not be classified as MLM, or a pyramid scheme.

    What typically happens, is people read up to they can get a money making website just like ours and a rebranded copy of the ebook their reading with a link to their website in it instead of ours and they start skipping over the rest of what the ebook says.

    Lauryn and I do no promotion of EWCF. We have not marketed the program in about 3 months actually. Why? Because we don't want to be in competition with our resellers.

    We typically work anywhere from 12-18 hours a day answering emails and putting up new websites.

    The one and only reason we're this busy is because 99% of the NEW sales coming in are from resellers exactly like the lady who is trying to smear our good name.

    Matter of fact, I looked back into my records and guess what? She purchased from a reseller. The system DOES WORK, she was obviously doing something wrong.

    If someone tries something for a few days and fails, then gets angry and doesn't want to try and figure out what they were doing wrong, do you think that's the type of person that can do well working for themselves and growing a business?

    No, of course not. There is a learning curve to everything and when people say they did everything exactly as we said, if given the opportunity to talk to them, we find out that exactly, wasn't quite exactly in most cases.

    At the end of the day unfortunately, for all the people we help and for all the people who have made money, there will always be that percentage who do not.

    We try to help everyone, but we do expect people to want to help themselves and assume some responsibility for what they may very well have been doing wrong.

    I'm sure I could of helped this person, as we try to help everyone who asks for it.

    But it is easier to just give up, get angry and call us a scam I guess. And no, I don't think a person with such a negative attitude will find much success online not being willing to stop, calm down and listen.

    Feel free to give me a call. My
    name is Frank, I am the co-creator
    of EWCF and I handle the helpline
    made available to all of our customers.
    360-980-4825 M-F 9-5 PST.

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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    For only $37 I can learn how to make $100 to $300 a day effortlessly.

    You mean I wasted all those years of education and hardwork to build a career when I could have just given you $37?

    But I'm confused. If I could really make between $700 to $2,100 a week effortlessly why are you only charging $37?Surely to be able to make anywhere from 35k to over 100k a year would be worth much more then that.

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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    I have just completed my first week with EWCF and I have not had a sale either but I am not going to throw the towel in after just ONE WEEK. Have you not noticed how many other hundreds of people are out there trying to get people to thier websites?I have learnt so much by viewing forums etc and the marketing info you recieve from EWFC are invaluable tools for internet marketing.Any new business takes time to set up and you have to do a lot of groundwork.Okay,so Lauryn gets testy,doesnt sound like she shares that trait alone.I may not succeed with EWFC but I wont view that as failure,just as a good learning curb.

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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    Ok I Bought The Effortless Web Cash formula From Lauryn hebert And I'm Making money With It When People Say something is a scam they just didn't have the desire to make it work anybody that buys any program on the net has to market it I don't care what your selling Internet Marketing is like any other business in the world you need to advertise the more people that see your product the more sales you will make Period!
    I Hate to See Some One Put The Effortless Web Cash Formula Down It Works They give You reseller rights to their website that is made to make Money Period the whole setup is perfect I just wanted to thank you Frank & Lauryn For giving Me another way to Make Money From Home Thanks Guys Tony Tusso


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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    Hi Everyone, it's Lauryn. I wanted to say a big, THANK YOU!!! to Julie and

    It means a lot to know that I have your support, even during one of my "moods" lol. You can still feel the effort Frank and I put into EWCF.

    We work about 18 hours a day 7 days a week to help our customers to be
    successful with Internet Marketing.

    Just today, Frank spent his time looking for another payment processor solution, as customers have been
    asking for a frequent change. I am happy to say, we now offer Google Checkout!

    Frank and I created EWCF with 2 intentions, to make a living online and then to teach others how to do it.

    As always, feel free to email us or call. We love to hear of your successes and walk you through the tough times.

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! We appreciate you guys so much!

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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    Let me get this straight...

    You worked this program practically 24 hours a day for 5 days and did not get a single sale? Where exactly did you advertise?

    Did you try to join forum communities and actually make an effort at being part of the community or did you just spam the ads? Let me tell you something...

    I joined Lauryn's Effortless web cash formula in July. They told me to start being part of forum communities so I googled a few terms about internet marketing forums and affiliate program marketing forums, I found a few forums that seemed to be for real and spam free.

    I joined for free and started answering questions in forums, simple questions like how do you make your own banners, or how do you make a free logo.

    Or people looking for opinions on home business topics. Instead of blatant advertising in these forums I actually took the time to answer a lot of these questions, I researched using google and once I had the answer I posted it in a professional manner and left my signature file (my website address) at the bottom of every question I answered.

    Within 36 Hours I had my very first Effortless Web Cash Formula Sale! Proof available if you want!! Once I got that easy sale, I decided to not only keep on doing forum posting but to also advertise using the most popular classified ads sites that are 100% free. *****slist and backpage to be exact.

    These have worked like magic. I post 2 free ads daily to these sites and 4 days later I had another sale!!

    Then after getting my third sale, I decided to simply just go all the way and create a simple little video that I could post on Youtube and 5 other free video sites where you could just post your video for free and be shown to a potentially huge audience.

    The next day I got 2 more orders from this little 30 second video that took 14 minutes to create with Windows Movie Maker!! Then I decided to use both free classifieds and safelists to post ads along with my continuing forum participation, I get at least 1 sale using all these methods together. This is NOT a scam! Although there is more competition now that more people know that this actually works and makes money, there is still LOTS of room to make sales with this free ebook concept. I have made over $700 with my $37 investment within a couple of months. I am happy with that but I definitely want more!

    But like ANY internet business opportunity, you HAVE to put some of your own effort into advertising. There is no such thing as an automatic business where you pay pay $xx amount of dollars and just sit back and get rich and then blame the program owner for your own failure if you don't get any sales! Easy money does not exist until you put in the work!

    You have to put a GOOD effort in all you do! Including, and most importantly your own business! 5 Days is definitely NOT enough! No Matter what business it is. it is simply NOT enough!

    Be creative, stop doing what the whole majority is doing and look at the internet and see where else you can advertise other than your competition!

    It works!

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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    Lmfao look at these scrubs, I can't believe the makers of this scam came and made seperate accounts just like they do on their website and post making the product seem amazing.

    This is what you do when you're too dumb to get an education, you scam people. You are the lowest of the low and will never amount to anything in society, it's the truth sorry =/


    Simply put FUCK OFF SCAMMERS :

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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    Hilarious thread this !!

    Only the one accusing seem genuine!!

    All promoting this shity scam are 1/2 post wonders who are not only not creditable but also are unconvincing

    If I have to buy this...I will KEEK miles away

    Thanks for the warning guys

    Go and die Lauryn

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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    Quote Originally Posted by practicingzen View Post
    I worked the program, step by step for five days practically 24 hours a day and did not make a single dime.
    I find this statement hard to believe.

    You worked "practically 24 hours a day"? I know busy CEO's who don't work that many hours.

    Let's be conservative though, and say you worked 10 hours a day. 10 is a nice round number. And let's say it takes you 10 minutes to post an ad. So that means you're posting 6 ads per hour. At 10 hours a day, that's 60 ads per day you're posting.

    After 5 days, you would've posted 300 ads. So you mean to tell me with 3 HUNDRED ads posted, you didn't see one sale??? And the ads only have to get people to download a FREE ebook? (Yes, I know they have to purchase the package in order for you to get paid, but your job is just getting them to download the free ebook).

    And remember 300 ads is a conservative number I'm using here. If you were working "practically 24 hours a day", the number should've been much higher than that.

    Dude, I think I put up around 5 ads on Backpage before I made my first sale. I haven't made anywhere near $300 a day with this, but I only do it here and there anyway. I don't advertise it consistently. In fact, I only stumbled across this post because I was testing search terms related to EWCS so I could do some SEO and get my site ranking in Google.

    If you're posting 300 ads a week, or anywhere near that, and not making ANY sales, then you're doing something extremely wrong. There are some legitimate scams out there, but this isn't one of them. I'm a customer myself and I have nothing to gain by saying this. What you get out of it is going to depend on what you put into it.

    And where does the "scam" accusation come in, anyway? The no refund policy? It says in the ebook before you buy it that they don't issue refunds. If that was a concern for you then why would you buy it in the first place? And if it wasn't a concern, then why would you complain, knowing that was there policy?

    Is the scam that you don't think the system works? Clearly people are buying it if you bought it yourself. If you do a search in Google right now, there's tons of other people promoting this package, who I'm assuming bought it from other affiliates themselves, so obviously people are buying it. So again, where's the scam?

    Is it that you didn't make $100 - $300 per day? Okay, like I said, I didn't personally make that much with it, but I also didn't do a whole lot to promote it. I spent a few minutes here and there, so I can't confirm that you can make that much money with it. I suppose it's possible IF you spent more time marketing it and did it correctly.

    So rather than make baseless accusations, let's talk facts and specifics (Even though making baseless accusations are more fun:spin2:):

    1. How many ads did you place?

    2. Where did you place them?

    3. Did anyone respond to your ads? Did you get any clicks on your link?

    4. Were you doing anything to track your ads/clicks? VERY bad idea not to track your ads and clicks because then you don't have any way of knowing where your traffic is coming from or how well your ad copy is converting.

    Knowing the answers to these questions will help to establish what went wrong. Hope that helps!

    And for the record, no I don't know or work with Lauren Herbert. I'm not making any money from this post. I just find it bizarre that someone is calling something a scam and saying it doesn't work when I put in a fraction of the effort they say they did and managed to make a few sales. Hopefully the OP will chime in with specifics and shed some light on the situation.

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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    I agree with this post 100%

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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    Quote Originally Posted by coolnmellow View Post
    I agree with this post 100%

    you know you have made my day....1postwonder...please join the queue with your other bastard avatars

    nice sedatives on this thread

    must visit here daily


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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    So, I guess if you don't make any sales it makes any program a scam? How bout this...Maybe you just don't know how to market. The success of any business endeavor depends on marketing especially any internet marketing endeavor.

    You get exactly what they are telling you you are going to get. They pay you when you make a sale. How does that make it a scam?

    It's working great for me but then again I own my own marketing system and know how to market the product.

    If you'd like to learn how to market like the top earners do and become successful with this program or any other I suggest you visit my site.

    [link removed by mod]
    Last edited by No_Moron_Here; 10-23-2009 at 04:59 PM. Reason: remove link

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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    I think it's pretty funny that just because you can't succeed with this program you think it's a scam. We can't help the fact that you dont know how to market effectively. Maybe you are the one that should go back to school and take some courses in internet marketing.

    Quote Originally Posted by sotrashy View Post
    Lmfao look at these scrubs, I can't believe the makers of this scam came and made seperate accounts just like they do on their website and post making the product seem amazing.

    This is what you do when you're too dumb to get an education, you scam people. You are the lowest of the low and will never amount to anything in society, it's the truth sorry =/


    Simply put FUCK OFF SCAMMERS :

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    Re: Lauryn Herbert's Effortless Web Cash Formula S

    okay just been reading this intresting posts and let me tell you somethings

    i have been joined for two months and i have made sales and marketed the ebook property from you tube to article writing and *****slist and so far no one who has bought from me has kicked off shouting "its a scam" i am evidence that this business is not a scam,becasue all the infomation is in the free ebook,

    I have made my 37 dollars times 19 times, but like everything out there if you dont market right the product you are doomed to fail

    i try and help people out all the time and to all who know me on this forum know this is not shurn bernard smith rip off or anything like that. heck for 37 dollars you get a website,autoresponder,and help 24/7 days a week

    for the person screaming fake and scam then you already made up your mind and i presume your the type of person who signs up for everything just to lose money and never commit, since day one i have made my money back and so have the people who have purchased from me,


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