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    Recruitment scam - reed.co.uk and gumtree

    I am not suggesting here that Reed.co.uk or gumtree them selves are running a scam...No, but they are foolish enough to recruit on behalf of scam mongers, namely, Cobra Group Plc (their affiliated companies), SRM Marketing, London Marketing Services and Cedar Direct
    All you have to do is look them up in scam.com or ripoffreport and you will see all the horror stories of how vulnerable guys applied for a position in these companies and ended up working 72 hours a week for almost nothing (minimum wage does not apply because you are self-employed!)
    Cobra Plc, SRM Marketing, Cedar Direct, London Marketing Services, PerDM - these are all MLM/Pyramid scheme verging on religious cult, disguised as a legitimate job.
    If you apply to work for them, you will end up being brain washed into thinking that you will become millionaire with them, you will enter their cult-like world, you will spend 72-80 hours working for them but earning nothing and spiralling into debt (because you need to pay for your travels) and you will be required to recruit other vulnerable guys like you!!
    Be warned and stay away!!

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    Re: Recruitment scam - reed.co.uk and gumtree

    Thanks for warning us.

    I had a weeks trial with eclipse promotions from Cobra in Lincoln. I wont go on about my story as its too long but I applied via totaljobs and I also saw the vacancies on this is Lincolnshire.

    If anyone wants to know about my story then google search 'eclipse promotions Lincoln scam' and an article from yahoo answers should come up. A few people who have read it have obviously spread the news as I found a chatroom with my story being being the discussion topic. There was a link which led to the puiblic view of my story.

    If I see eclipse or endeva advertising advertising their jobs on reed I shall simply ring reed up as the likes of david wyatt and chris rudge are untrustworthy arrogant scumbags. Luckily I now have a proper job.

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