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    Getting Even Legally

    If you receive an offer by mail from an organization you despise and/or think is trying to scam you, you can get even and have fun doing it IF they include a postage pre-paid postcard or envelope. According to postal rules, you can affix this to a package of virtually any weight (like a brick), mail it at the post office, and the receiver will have to pay first-class postage. My best sendout ever was to an insurance company: a fireplace log weighing 13 pounds. Spread the word. The only thing that will stop these predatory companies is to hit them in the pocketbook.

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    Re: Getting Even Legally

    sory luv

    wrong info

    The other party can refuse to take it as well......as royal mail is not stupid.....and nor is the other guy


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    Re: Getting Even Legally

    i have never had any problems with royal mail. The only problem was sending to italy

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