Are you fed up with all the illegal, ugly, unrecyclable advertising signs found on the side of the road? Here is one of the worst offenders:

Meet Over Drinks buys HUNDREDS if not thousands of URLs, e.g.,
etc. (they even use the same pictures) and puts signs that say “Single? Single in __________” etc. on public and private property in NY, CT, NJ, and PA.

They do NOT give their name. ONLY if you fill out the form do you find out that Meet Over Drinks is the "parent company" - as in, they paid $10 for the local-sounding URL, so they can try to HIDE from anyone who is upset at their ILLEGAL SIGNS.

They will NOT tell you who their "marketing company" is because it is a Panamanian company, NuStar Solutions, that owns THOUSANDS of URLs and puts HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of these ILLEGAL, UGLY, HAZARDOUS SIGNS UP NATIONWIDE.

Everyone who is offended by this practice should call the police and Departments of Public Works to make this company STOP foisting its costs of advertising onto the public and taking up taxpayer resources to get rid of.

The contact information to help get this company FINED and make them stop BREAKING THE LAW is:

Stephanie Zipf
Vice President, Corporate Development
Meet Over Drinks
585 Stewart Avenue, Suite 520
Garden City, NY 11530
(516) 673-0777
[email protected]

And check out these comments - it's not surprising that a company that is unscrupulous in its advertising practices just MIGHT not be the most legitimate otherwise: