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    Battle Clips Scam Artist Brian Holt

    Avoid Brian Holt of BattleClips.com at all costs! 512-701-0573

    He ran an ad in *****slist looking for people to work for him at the rate of $15 an hour. Part of the deal is that I had to work for free for 2 days so he could evaluate me. No problem. I'll give you 2 days to see if I'm the right guy for the job.

    Then after I spent time working for him he changes the pay plan to straight commission, "take it or leave it".

    Brian Holt is trying to launch his dream, "Battleclips.com". Here's his GRAND idea: You will be responsible for calling schools and lying to them in order to get the contact information for the athletic director and the other people who are responsible for band, drill team, and the cheerleaders.

    In this example assume we're talking with the band director.

    As a manager for battleclips you're going to call the band director and get him to put a video clip of their band on a "youtube type" site called BattleClips.com. Then you're supposed to have the band director recruit all of his band members to go out and get local businesses to pay for ads which will show up on a cell phone once one of the parents of the band member texts his/her vote for the video of their own band (which costs $4) so the kids don't have to go out and sell cookie dough as a fund raiser. If this sounds convoluted and confusing to you relax, you're not alone.

    He actually thinks that he's going to get these groups within the schools to put their videos up to compete against other school's videos so that the parents can spend their hard earned money voting on little johnny's band video. He actually had the nerve to use the "B" word (as in "billion dollar") when he was pitching this idea to me and the other people that showed up at his group interview.

    His idea is that you can get the football team to put their highlight video up against all of their rivals videos and then get the parents to vote on which video is the best. The cost of the vote could be anything you wanted to charge, but he was suggesting $4 per vote. He also thinks people will go to the website to vote on their school's videos thereby generating traffic so he can sell advertising. Whew! I understand what the hell he's doing and I'm having trouble explaining it. Can you imagine how tough this is going to be to sell to the director of the cheerleader squad?

    I initially thought the idea might have a chance if it were properly funded and competently managed. I'd work for $15 an hour for a few months until commissions exceeded my hourly pay. The problem is that Brian gives me the impression that he's flying by the seat of his pants. He changes his mind and his policies on the fly.

    The pay plan went from earning $15 an hour to straight commission for 30 days or longer. Brian didn't stop liking me until I questioned his new pay plan and his ability to fund this project. That's when the "F" words started flying. Brian seems to be pretty sensitive about his money situation.

    Part of Brian's pitch involved talking about the success his parents had running different businesses in the Austin area. If his parents were successful then it would have been nice if they could have helped him and shown him what integrity and honesty means.

    Here's another thing. Brian was holding his group interviews at the place he formerly worked at. His boss let him meet there as a favor. Brian and Chip (his partner) let on like this was going to be the place where we would work. He even had the nerve to tell us not to mingle with the other employees of the company because the other employees would want to do what we were doing. I don't think the other employees would want to work for free for you for 2 days retard! I don't know what happened after we gave him 7 hours of our time busting our ass on the telephone but 2 days later we were meeting in a coffee house talking about how we were going to have to start working out of our homes.

    I don't know what everyone else thinks but this smells like someone who is an underfunded, incompetent moron.

    It's not the 7 hours that really bothers me and I'll make it without the $15 an hour job, but when someone has you come in to work for them with no intention of ever keeping you then it's kind of disheartening. I can't believe there are people in the world that would treat their fellow human beings like this.

    Brian Mitchel Holt of Leandar Texas ripped me off! He stole my time and my faith in human nature.

    If you are a venture capitalist then you might be able to make something happen with this. I think you're going to need a million dollars and a better name than "battle clips" but I think it might have some potential if it were properly funded and managed.

    Here is one of Brian's *****slist ads.

    Date: 2009-09-23, 3:09PM CDT
    Reply to: job-7gpra-1389000902@*****slist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

    Are you a relationship builder?
    Are you tired of asking clients for money?
    Can you manage hundreds of sales people?

    If you answered yes to these questions, we may have the opportunity you have been looking for!
    Our Sales Managers manage hundreds of people Nation wide and never have to ask for money because our service is free!
    We have no competition. We work from home as a team with tele comute Software.
    Our clients are Public School Employees. Earn six figures.
    Call today 512 701 0573 ask for Clinton Carter
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    Re: Battle Clips Scam Artist Brian Holt-Update

    It looks like Brian and Chip are going nationwide!

    Here's one of their postings in Lincoln:
    Viral video internet company needs sales people to sell a free product.

    You will make $$$ selling this free product and chances for repeat business are high.

    Must own or acquire USB Head Set, computer with hard wire D.S.L or Cable modem 512 MB of RAM

    Call for more info...

    E-mail Brian at getme@hotmail.com or call

    Here's another in Little Rock:
    Does the thought of being turned down 90% of the time stop you from trying a career in sales?
    you may have the ability to be a good salesperson, and never have realized your potential.
    You can earn huge amounts of money without ever asking a prospect for payment.

    If you wanna make over $2000 a week selling a product that is cutting edge, exciting, and free to your customers this opportunity is for YOU.

    e-mail your resume to getme@hotmail.com or call and ask for Brian


    Mobile Marketing in the United States represents a great opportunity for anyone including media, entertainment, consumer goods, advertising, or technology companies to connect nearly 200 million wireless subscribers to their goods and services using applications never before available in the wireless industry. More than 363 billion mobile messages were sent over U.S. carrier networks during 2007 which was more than double the 162 billion messages sent during 2006. This trend is expected to continue and it is estimated that 600 billion messages were sent during 2008. Since the first quarter of 2005, the number of active text users has grown from 25% to 94% in Q1 2009. Analysts estimate that worldwide 6.4 billion mobile messages will have been sent in 2008, rising to 6.9 trillion in 2011.
    As message volumes increase revenues will increase as well. Telenor, a European wireless carrier, generated $85 million in revenue from Marketing campaigns in less than a year after their introduction. Users sent more than 1 billion messages via cell Phone, causing a major jump in traffic.
    The revenue opportunities for mobile Marketing Companies are staggering. If you are interested in a Mobile Marketing Sales opportunity that would allow you to earn thousands per week from home, without ever asking a prospect for money, please email your contact information to getme@hotmail.com
    or call and ask for Brian

    What exactly can you make working for Brian? Well, that seems to vary depending on what *****s List Ad you read.

    Warning! Be very careful about doing business with anyone who won't give you an employment contract. I feel sorry for the people getting involved with Brian and Chip because they are subject to being replaced every time Brian changes his mind. Which is quite often.

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    Re: Battle Clips Scam Artist Brian Holt

    Here are a few more of Brian Holts CL Ads. Notice "NEW VENTURE"? It's going to be a venture up sh*t creek and guess where he's gonna break off the paddle?

    Make Money Selling Free Product
    - 1:13pm
    E-mail Brian at getme@hotmail.com or call (512)701-0573, or Chip at (512)924-7810. Location: Lincoln; Compensation: Commission Based; Telecommuting is ok. ...
    lincoln.*****slist.org/sls/1384083735.html - Similar -
    Sales talent needed for new venture
    - 1:13pm
    please send your resume to getme@hotmail.com or call 512 924 7810 and ask for Chip, or call 512 701 0573 and ask for Brian ...
    denver.*****slist.org/bfs/1384131297.html - Similar -
    Mobile marketing company needs sales people for new venture
    If you're interested send your resume to getme@hotmail.com or call 512 924 7810 and ask for Chip, or call 512 701 0573. it's NOT ok to contact this poster ...
    denver.*****slist.org/bfs/1384136370.html - Similar -
    Can You Sell a Free Product?
    - 1:13pm
    If you have an outgoing personality, excellent phone skills, and a drive to succeed, email your resume or call Brian at 512-701-0573 or Chip at 512-924-7810 ...
    houston.*****slist.org/bfs/1383853908.html - Similar -
    Sales to Schools
    - 1:13pm
    Call 512-701-0573 and ask for Clinton Carter. Location: Tucson; Compensation: Commission based; Telecommuting is ok. Principals only. ...
    tucson.*****slist.org/sls/1386653656.html - Similar -
    Sales Manager, $150000.00
    - 1:13pm
    512 701-0573 By 7 pm Monday. Location: Georgia; Compensation: Call for a confidential interview, 6 figures. Telecommuting is ok. ...
    athensga.*****slist.org/sls/1384528597.html - Similar -

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    Re: Battle Clips Scam Artist Brian Holt

    Great info. You guys are giving some real facts on why this is a scam.

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    Re: Battle Clips Scam Artist Brian Holt

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaneypop View Post
    Great info. You guys are giving some real facts on why this is a scam.
    Sarcasm noted. Read the post.

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    Re: Battle Clips Scam Artist Brian Holt

    You nailed it and painted a perfect portrait of Brian. He is a scam artist and always will be.

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