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    Netbooks2020 ad in USA today

    I was interested in their selling Netbbooks for good profit ad.

    I will make this short.

    They are completely unprofessional!

    They use gmail email addresses.

    $159 upfront cost.

    then when I questioned the "CEO" in an email about why they use gmail and asked about a physical address and BBB rating.

    He never answered but said "sorry you don't like google....bye!"

    Isn't it awesome that most scammers are so easy to spot?

    They are so unprofessional and never really look legit even when they think they do.....of course because they are scammers.

    Anyways, they could have some ounce of legit but I ain't buying it.

    Beware and if you are interested get them to give you real facts not one store in their own area (probably a buddy) as their reference!

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    Re: Netbooks2020 ad in USA today

    Their numbers are not realistic.

    They claim you can get a "net profit" of $150 for selling one netbook.

    A name brand netbook sells for $300, there is no way to squeeze $150 net profit out of that!


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    Re: Netbooks2020 ad in USA today

    Well they said they only charged the sales rep $70+ - $80 on a sale (consignment).

    So the numbers were real (wink wink).

    But with what I saw and heard I wouldn't give them a penny.

    $395 to train and "get started" and wait for a website to be built for you. BTW that looks like crap as well.

    The guy said it wasn't cookie cutter.

    N o dude not cookie cutter but something that looks like it was built in Frontpage.

    I wouldn't pay $10 for it!

    Anyways they are rediculous so I had a good laugh at their expense.

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    Re: Netbooks2020 ad in USA today

    Yes, they are a complete scam. They make it seem like they will build you a website when you pay the $395 but that's not true you have to give them an addition $170.00 if want the website built to the manufactures specifications. If it's not built to the manufactures specifications then you will not get the netbooks. Netbooks2020 is a real scam.

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