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    work at home scam

    I was going through the so called legit work at home sites and I came up with Data Money Online. I read through it and thought it sounded like something I would like so I filled out the Free Trial for 7.95. Well guess what the next day I got charged both the 7.95 plus 197.00. I called the phone number and e-mailed them. So far NO ANSWER. I am contesting the charges at the bank. But I am letting everyone know about this scam. It seems the more I read the more I find out about these guys. DO NOT deal with them.

    Thanks Tina Dugger

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    Re: work at home scam

    You should probably cancel that credit/debit card.

    Get a new one with a new number.

    Because if you don't, those scammers can just keep charging more and more stuff. :nervouss:

    Good luck.

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    Re: work at home scam

    What "legit" work at home site told you that this place was legit? I've never seen a legit work at home site that endorses paying for a job.

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    Re: work at home scam

    You should have been suspicious when you saw they didn't use a secure payment system like Paypal or one of the similar payment systems that act as a security measure against fraudsters like this.

    I agree, cancel the card, and notify your bank, these guys sound like they intend to take you to the cleaners.

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    Re: work at home scam

    Not all legit businesses use PayPal. Some businesses don't like the fees and some of their policies. Just because you see a PayPal button doesn't mean that it's automatically on the up and up.

    There are hundreds of companies that are legit, yet people keep finding these scammy ones. I'm at a loss for words... :rotz:

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    Re: work at home scam

    Crowdsource is legit, but they just recently started charging a fee before you can give the client a quote. They always paid right away though.

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