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    Anyone hear of Cactus Advertising Agency?

    They have books, catalogs, something called Log Home Kits on how to make money. They advertise through tv, internet and direct marketing.They claim they are not mlm, the letter the sent me explained how it would work. You will get a id number and the fullfilment center will be able to track each order for you. They handle all orders and their fulfillment center will mail out brochures and catalogs on a rotation basis. I'm not selling anything I just want feeback before I join and pay money and end up scammed! They
    are out of Mesa, AZ

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    Re: Anyone hear of Cactus Advertising Agency?

    Sounds like direct selling. Don't know anything about them.

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    Re: Anyone hear of Cactus Advertising Agency?

    I received the same sales letter in the mail. I did some research and this is what I found. This agency used to be called Pioneer Advertising agency. You can find a complaint about them on Rip-off report.com

    I hope this answers your question. Sounds like a scam to me. :judges:

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    Re: Anyone hear of Cactus Advertising Agency?

    Not a scam but unless you take the time and really teach yourself about e commerce and online marketing you won't do much.

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