New Scam from the UK .. WP Bathrooms

Posted 09-22-2009 at 08:54 AM by ijudyazar
[b][/B I have been looking for a part-time position at home and not surprisingly, my email has been sent out to scammers on a Global basis. I just received this new job offer with the scammers very own website that is so authentic that it would fool even the true WP Bathrooms business that is literally located in Swinton, Salford, UK.

I was a bit leary so I contacted Carol Smith in the UK whose website is "Keep Safe on the Net" and here is what she found:

"I did a quick check on that domain. It was registered on 16 Sept - see registrant details below. Not the details you would expect for a company in Manchester. If I can work out who their web hosts are, I will email them and see if I can get the site taken down.

I'm glad you realised the scam and weren't taken in by it.

Carol Smith

Registrant details:
Ez Web Network
Ez Web
144 Creek Road
Phone: +1.3138019090

These scammers have even set up their own, fake, website (which was registered on 16th Sept 09).

The email came with an attachment, which then directs potential victims to a website with a job description. To see how these fake jobs works, take a look at the scam victimís page and read the comment that was sent to me in Feb 09.


New part-time employment have been listed and are ready to go.
Full employment details has been attached to the file download and view the file.

Please follow the instruction to view and apply for the new position

Thank You


Thanks for downloading, we have all the job description on our Website and also you will have to apply through our website. Here is the link to our website,

Copy and paste the link below to your browser to view my website to read job details and as well apply for job.


You go to and click on Career Offer

Please before applying make sure you read and understand what the job description entails.

Confirmation email will be sent to you once your application has been received.

Thanks You!

Wilbert Pennant

Notice that the domain is registered in the state of Maryland ...

I will be using this blog heretofore to post all of the scam emails that I get in hopes that it will help everyone.

Thanks for reading this.