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    Does anyone know is this work from home site is ligit or a scam

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    Re: workfromhome.com

    Doesn't look too legit to me since there's no privacy policy or page detailing the terms and conditions. It also doesn't even tell you what you would be doing if you sign-up.

    I'd say to stay away.


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    Re: workfromhome.com

    If you are looking to work from home there are tons of great sites that have proven themselves to be legit. Check out workathomespace.com and whydowork.com Both owners are people I know to be honest and reputable!

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    Re: workfromhome.com

    Hey Everyone,

    Stay away from workfromhome.com!

    I signed up with them a year ago and because of a lot of issues, I wasn't able to use them until one month before my membership was up. So, I went zooming through the site looking for a job like a mad woman. At least one company had not been in business for 4 yrs., another couldn't do business in Cal. because of strict consumer protection laws, and they claim to have over 200 businesses you can start from home but they there are only about 20 listed over and over and over so if you spend more than 15 - 20 minutes on their site they make you go back re- login and start over. Then about 2 weeks into really actively using the web site they kicked me out and said that they couldn't grant me access until I sent them my resume and told them who I had contacted and a ton of other questions. When asked why they kicked me out or why all the personal quesions they said that I used their site for an unauthorized purpose? ( apparently looking at ALL of their jobs is unauthorized) And their phone reps called me a crazy conspiracy theorist because I was worried about all the personal information they wanted.

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