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    Scam: James Donman / John Lennon Music, Toronto

    This "company" in Toronto Canada has been placing ads in music magazines and on websites such as mandy.com and *****slist seeking music artists and songwriters to work with, video production personnel, and advertising open jobs at the company.

    When anyone- especially a young woman- comes in contact with James Donman's "company", he files frivolous lawsuits and attempts to collect "damages".

    He has no less than 8 young women currently defending themselves against his bogus claims. Some claim that he was sexually inappropriate to them. One claims he tried to lock her in a hotel room and take her cell phone until she gave in to his sexual advances. When she ran away, he sued her for discrimination!

    James Donman has a history of abusing women, and his former female employee has made a statement that he stalked her. A former artist on John H. Lennon Records says James harassed him for years and still does. Several people claim that James Donman owes them substantial amounts of money.

    The Toronto, Ontario authorities have been informed of James Donman's slimy ways, but we want to make sure the world is aware of what a scumbag this guy is, and we'd like to warn the world to steer clear of this guy and his phony company.

    The police will have him in custody soon enough- they have statements from many of his victims and we have information we are sharing with the Toronto police about James' heavy drug use.

    James is a nasty, gross, smelly old man with halitosis and no assets to his name. It is likely he will die a ward of the state. Until then, beware!

    James Donman also goes by several aliases:

    John Blackcloud
    James Blackcloud
    John Lennon
    John H. Lennon
    John Headley Lennon
    John Lennon Records
    John H. Lennon Records
    John Headley Lennon Music, LTD

    And who knows how many more.

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    Legal Services Payment Owed: James Donman

    We have been contacted by a legal services firm who says James Donman refused to pay his legal bills.

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