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    What's all the hype??

    I keep hearing so much about the forex ivy-bot and I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried it? Everwhere I look on the internet I hear people praising this software as if it was gods gift to forex traders or something...It's almost like a weird cult of personality, reminds me of obama mania before he got elected. I'm about to move from messing around with the NASDAQ/DOW and start trading forex on a regular basis and I'm thinking about giving this program a go because of all the great things I hear about it and it's supposed unmatched results.. Can anyone out there verify these claims from first hand experience or dispell them as just hype ALSO from first hand experience?? Thanks
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    Re: What's all the hype??

    I don't know about all that ivybot worship stuff.. but I can tell you from experience that the bot does work incredibly well.. I've been using it myself for about a 6 months now. I've made a ton of money with it.. It's definetely well worth the investment. Lol but when it comes to this idea you say of gods gift to forex traders etc.. I would say that is hype. It's an excellent piece of software but I still don't believe there is any way better than the old fashioned manual do-it yourself way of trading. Good luck

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