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    Krapp-Joseph Research & Marketing

    This company will send you a check and want you to Western Union part of it to someone in another state. They will have a P.O. Box for a New Jersey zip code, but the phone number will have a Canada area code for the so called admins. THIS IS A SCAM!!!! BEWARE OF THIS SCAM!!!!

    I ripped up this check after I contacted my local Better Business Bureau rep. You have been warned about this company.:spin2:

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    Re: Krapp-Joseph Research & Marketing

    Could you post the email address, intial email and website if you were given a link to one? Sometimes a scammer pretends to be from a company when he is just using that name to make his scam seem legit. Getting the email and 'scripts' on every scam-warning-fraud-watching site you can will hopefully help others from being scammed.
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    Re: Krapp-Joseph Research & Marketing

    I do not have the email and numbers for this company, but I did receive another scam with a different company it still had the company phone number with the Canada area code of the number. This company's name is Thorpe Commercial Inc and there is a real company on BBB.com but it is not a mystery shopper company. It is an interior design company. The number they give you to call is 450-350-0637 for the customer service. 450 is the area code of the last scam I received. They always want you to transfer money somewhere, thats how you know that it is a scam. I was told that by the BBB and I figured that also, but its always good to check. The area code that connects all these scams. They can act like that respresent any company and any state. This company was in KY and the pervious one was in NJ. Be careful any checks just being sent to you. Call you local BBB and triple check just to be safe. Its better to be safe then sorry.:spin2:

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