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    Seattle Based Print, Inc.

    Anyone heard of these guys? It looks legit, but these days it's getting more difficult to discern good from bad. I received it early this evening:

    Hello Linda;

    We are retained recruiters writing to tell you about an exceptional opportunity to join a sales team with a $50 million revenue stream and a proven concept in your area.

    Our client; Seattle based Print, Inc., delivers solutions to corporate customers in the document management arena to major US markets and is one of the fastest-growing privately owned companies in the US; visit them online at www.printinc.com. We're seeking Sales Consultants to expand their 3500+ client base.

    Are you a motivated Sales Consultants who enjoys prospecting and closing deals with a high-level of customer satisfaction? If you are proficient with technology, can define priorities, and possess sales ability; we would be very interested to hear from you. Proven C-level sales, expert with negotiations, polished presentation and closing skills are required. Some telecommuting exists for those well networked in the designated territories. Print, Inc. offers an outstanding compensation package that features a base salary, plus high commissions. It comes with all the benefits you would expect from a leading edge company.

    Should you find this opportunity of interest, click to apply online at: http://agilerecruiter.com/agilecan/s...re.php?job=508 and we would like to also encourage you to begin a conversation with our hiring team by visiting us at: http://www.metajiva.com/PMC/printinc...consultant.htm. We are presenting a short list of candidates and their answers to those questions in person on Wednesday this week and would love a chance to consider you.

    Linda, certainly forward this note to your colleagues who might consider a career with Print, Inc.; we are also looking for individual contributors in Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City.

    Warm Regards,

    The Print Inc. Recruiting Team
    Powered By www.MetaJiva.com :rolleyes:

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    Re: Seattle Based Print, Inc.

    Why would you think it is a scam, in what way would they be looking to scam you?

    If they were to ask you to pay something in order to obtain employment then I would say be leary. But it appears to me they are simply having an open interview process to have people apply for a job. Read through any classifieds and you will see hundreds of companies doing the same thing, saying the same thing.

    Again, if you are required to pay anything in order to be hired, or purchase their products in order to sell them, then you should be careful. I will say though, there are many legitimate companies that require their sales people to purchase inventory from them.

    -Good luck!!

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    Re: Seattle Based Print, Inc.

    Appears legit.
    Website for Print, Inc. has been up since '96, Metajiva (that name!) since '00.
    No records on either at BBB (Spokane & National).
    What about Print,Inc's customers? Are they happy with this contractor?
    clamette, why not call or email the local P, I office (contact info is on the website), ask them politely for the names & phones of their local (to you) clients, and check up on them? They may decline to answer, but at least you'll have tried.
    Have you posted to your local "I hate my job" chat rooms?

    Good Luck,- and keep us posted.

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