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Thread: Cash 4 Gold

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    Cash 4 Gold

    Anyone ever deal with Cash 4 Gold - send your gold and get cash? I am thinking about it and was just wondering. Thanks.

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    Re: Cash 4 Gold

    There is a big article about them at:


    Take a look at that, it has a ton of info.


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    Re: Cash 4 Gold

    Hi ~ I recently found your site and have been reading a lot of the information posted which I have found to be interesting and helpful.

    This "Cash4Gold" is one that I have found very helpful.

    I want to thank
    galreederx for starting this thread and Arthur_Pughty for their input and links.

    This company has been discussed on some forums I belong to and there seemed to be quite conflicting posts made as to the integrity of this company. I have been curious about them for a few months and this has helped me very much to confirm my thoughts about the company.

    Warm Smiles,

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    Re: Cash 4 Gold

    cash4gold isn't buying jewelery. they're buying gold to be melted down and reclaimed. Because of this, they won't pay you anywhere near as much as you could get selling your jewelery elsewhere. they only pay you for the gold content. any diamonds, rubies, etc, don't count.

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    Re: Cash 4 Gold

    Cash For Gold and the other similar mail-in gold buying services are thinly disguised fences for stolen property, so they pay 10 or 15% of the actual value of your jewelery. In my town, I went to a "gold buying service" with a mail-in center in person for an estimate for selling a couple of very good rings. The original retail price for these two rings together was around $4000. There were a total of three .33 diamonds, two tiny diamonds, one 1.56 sapphire, and a .40 ruby between them. I weighed the gold in advance. According to the price of gold, it alone should have been worth $300 wholesale. The mail-in type service offered me $175 for both rings, and told me the stones had no value. I took them next to a reputable gold broker, whom I know personally. He apologetically offered me $525 for the rings, giving me a written estimate of the value of the stones and the gold. He said he paid 50% of wholesale value, because of the labor in disassembling the rings and melting the gold into jewelers stock. I ended up taking them to a jewelery shop, to sell them as "estate jewelery" on consignment. They are each listed for $1000; $2000 total, and the jeweler will take 40%. So, if they sell, I'll net $1200, rather than 175 or 525.
    Since these mailing services are such thinly disguised criminal enterprises, they are under attack from district attorneys and police everywhere. They are probably organized crime fronts.:bah:

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