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    (I know there were a few others that have mentioned this, some dated.. but I wanted to create a separate post)

    I got offer to work for liveops. I was wondering if someone could give me ALL information on it. I know they say $17 per hour is possibly but that obviously would be if I am making my upsells and working every minute.

    I have also heard they have VERY high pressure sales tactics and are a bit deceiving in their products as well.

    Any/all information is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Re: Liveops

    It is not a scam but a lot of people apply for them. Of course the company gives the best case for earnings. $17 is not realistic.

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    Re: Liveops

    In order to make that amount you have to be a pushy salesperson. I know someone who does Live Ops and it is not enjoyable (unless you happen to be the salesperson type)

    Also, another thing you have to be careful about is that you dont have anyone to talk to. They assign supervisors or "go to " people (I forget what my friend called them) but those supervisors dont care. Live Ops does have its fair share of problems (just to be able to work or get into the system so you are able to answer calls) and if you try to solve a problem, instead of working with you, the so called supervisors just try to blame you. When that happens they marks on your score, which results in you waiting around for phone calls. Basically not paying while you are waitng for phone calls. You'd be better off getting a job at McDonald's that actually pays at least minimum wage. Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself and see how long you are "waiting around" for phone calls. I personally have not tried Live Ops, I just feel that they need to warn employees of potential problems.

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