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    businessmobiles.com = SCAMMERS

    does anybody know anything about these guys??

    this is all i have about them so far,

    31E Management Solutions Ltd
    4th Floor, West World, West Gate
    LONDON, W5 1DT


    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
    31E Management Solutions Ltd
    Richard Scott
    4th Floor, West World, West Gate
    LONDON, W5 1DT
    00447077800802 [fax]

    Domain created on 10-Feb-2000
    Domain expires on 10-Feb-2010
    Last updated on 08-Mar-2008

    Domain servers in listed order:


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    Re: businessmobiles.com = SCAMMERS

    What's the alleged scam, and no double-posting, please.

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    Re: businessmobiles.com = SCAMMERS

    My colleague joined businessmobiles.com almost 2 years ago - thankfully the contract is almost up. The promised credits to his T-Mobile account occured 3 times near the beginning - randomly - and then stopped. For the second contract some of the payments were made, but 6/18 weren't made. It took numerous letters back and forth and several broken promises till they made a one-off payment which covered most - but still not all - of the payments due. Some of these payments were 12 months late!

    My colleague referred his brother's company and mother's company. Both his brother and mother requested 3 mobile dongles from O2 at 3 + VAT/monthly in total. His mother also ordered 1 handset and his brother 2 handsets.

    Due to no success when trying to reach businessmobiles.com, my colleague's brother fought it out with O2, and they started charging him the original price. Eventually sufficient credits were made by businessmobiles.com so he wasn't at a loss with this contract; but my colleague's mother still is at a loss.

    As with regards to my colleague's brother's t-mobile contract, he is still owed about 110; and his mother needs to go through hers to see how much she is owed, but it will be quite a bit considering she hasn't been on top of it.

    They also promised 30 for each handset connection that my colleague refers. They told both his brother and mother that the credits would be made to us but suddenly now demand a form; which my colleague completed; but now they claim the referrals are a fraction of this amount; and won't pay anything till he agrees the amount.

    It's court proceedings this week! If the way they haven't behaved isn't theft I don't know what is!

    They are clearly thieving scum! Avoid at ALL cost!

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    Re: businessmobiles.com = SCAMMERS

    Update: Shortly after I posted the above message I sent BusinessMobiles.com an e-mail regarding all 3 accounts. By last night they responded:

    My colleague's account: They've stated that a credit will be showing in his account on Friday. The amount they have given is missing 1 payment for the dongle he signed up for; and most of the originally agreed referral credits. I responded today advising that they have till Friday to rectify this.

    His brother's account: They've stated that a credit will be showing in his account on Friday. The amount they have given is missing 3 payments for the contract and the 5.05 in respect of the Special Delivery letter he sent them more than 6 months ago. I responded today advising that they have till Friday to rectify this.

    His mother's account: They wrote to my colleague asking for his mother's e-mail address. He responded with it. I'm awaiting an update.

    It's been a long fight but looks like there's light at the end of the tunnel. I'll keep you all posted. At the moment I'm still saying avoid them at all cost. Far from worth the hassle!

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    Re: businessmobiles.com = SCAMMERS

    Finally businessmobiles.com have agreed to pay my colleague all the referral credits and outstanding amounts. It's been a long fight; but for him it's over.

    At one stage they owed him for 13 payments for the main contract; as well as 6 payments for the mobile dongle contract. Neither of which were worth his while waiting so long.

    His brother's claim has also been paid off, though they have persistently ignored his claim for the payment of his Special Delivery expense in sending the first letter - only 5.05, but a matter of principle, and in reality a fraction of what the interest - if it would have gone to court - would have come to.

    I'm awaiting for an update on their mother's account; but I understand some payment has been made.

    I still say avoid at all costs. It took many threatening e-mails and letters to settle these matters. They certainly are a sham, and show what "British" business has become!

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