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    Real Estate Fortunes?? Deal or No Deal

    Hello Good People of the Board,

    I apologize in advance if this company has already been mentioned, but I'm curious about Real Estate Fortunes. I looked them up on the bbb and they are a member and it checks out okay but I'm wondering... How many of you use this system and how many of you are in the real estate game?

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    Re: Real Estate Fortunes?? Deal or No Deal

    i would venture to say that its prolly just another one of those pay me ill hook you up with a line of credit to get you started deals.
    but if you want to get into the real state deal just by a forclosed hud home they are useually fairly cheap but useually have a lot of work needing done. but once they are fixed up and put in some higher quality windows doors cabinets bathroom fixtures and maybe a deck your looking at a decent amount of return. but sicne the houseing market has kinda leveled off might be a bad idea to go into that venture

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