CASE CLOSED is the only book I've ever known that got an entire issue's worth of space of U.S. News & World Report, front to back. When it appeared in bookstores, the acclaim from the established press was almost hysterical in its relief: Thank God, here's a book that tells us the real truth.

Actually, there is no truth here, and precious little justice. CASE CLOSED is nothing but a slick rehash of the Warren Commission Report, one of the greatest lies ever perpetrated in the history of this republic. Posner not only lies in disseminating his information, he lies about HOW HE GOT his information: The book includes at least one interview with someone who is only reachable through the auspices of the U.S. government, which means Posner HAD to have gotten government cooperation in this interview. Naturally, the interviewee says what we supposedly want to hear: Oswald the crazy lone nut did it!
The lies on every page are so numerous that after awhile, I simply had to put the book down and not pick it up again. What is especially disheartening, for a book that's received this much press, is the same picture of Lee Oswald as a crazed lone nut who murders a president to compensate for his own piitful failures as a person. While few people will argue that Oswald's marriage was a disaster (most spouses in bad marriages do NOT kill presidents), there is plenty of evidence that he was in fact a very caring father, a good worker, and a loyal friend. He was an intelligence agent for the U.S., a fact Posner manages to ignore completely, because it explains so much of his otherwise inexplicable behavior. He was completely sane and of above-average intelligence, and for a man of very little education, he was a voracious and dedicated reader. Oh, and by the way? ALL EVIDENCE EVER UNCOVERED shows that he admired JFK tremendously and believed he was doing a good job as president. No one who kills will kill someone they respect when they can kill someone they despise. It's just human nature. But of course, Mr. Posner ignores the simple facts of human nature as well in his book. He ignores the evidence given by military men who knew Oswald in the Marines that he was simply not a violent man. He was more often the victim of abuse than the person who dished it out.
Posner is a lawyer, and naturally his prose sounds like it will hold water. To anyone who knows very little about the JFK assassination, that's probably true: It's easy to read and accept when you haven't examined the rest of the case. Anyone who says anything other than the party line, in Posner's opinion, is dismissed as having an `agenda' or being a nut. The most pivotal eyewitness in the Tippit murder case, however, Helen Markham, is treated with great respect by Posner, though unfortunately if there is a nut in this case, she gets the title, hands down, without breaking a sweat. (She claims, among other hysterical statements she made, that she talked to Officer Tippit after he'd been shot for twenty minutes, when he was in fact dead before he hit the ground. Must have been some conversation.)
If you'd like to read another lawyer's equally persuasive point of view (and in this case, he actually uses facts to back up his point), read Mark Lane's brilliant RUSH TO JUDGMENT or PLAUSIBLE DENIAL. Read Jim Garrison's ON THE TRAIL OF THE ASSASSINS. (Posner claims Garrison only prosecuted Clay Shaw to divert attention from his own legal problems. I can't think of a better way to bring down the entire world press on my neck than announcing that I'm going to prosecute a conspiracy case in the murder of JFK. If Garrison wanted to be left alone with his `legal problems' -- not one of which he was ever found guilty of -- he could have found far better ways to do it.)
Posner's lies (told at the time of publication) about how he re-examined the case are also noteworthy, including his claim to have re-indexed the entire Warren Commission report and exhibits, in one year by himself. The report and exhibits run 27 thick volumes -- no one can do this by himself in one year, while at the same time doing other research AND drafting a manuscript. It is simply not humanly possible. Posner figures no one will ask about that, because who remembers the Warren Commission report, anyway?
Interestingly, a few years back Posner also came out with a volume (another bestseller) on the Martin Luther King assassination. You may not be surprised to learn that his startling conclusion was that James Earl Ray, acting alone, was the crazy lone nut who killed King, despite the fact that King's own family now believe strongly that Ray was never involved.
I'm just waiting for the Posner version of the RFK assassination. Perhaps they should be packaged as a Lone Nut Trilogy -- I'm sure it would sell. Didn't Lincoln say, "You can fool some of the people all of the time ... "?
There's certainly an agenda involved here -- and it involves what Mr. Posner is doing re-inventing these old myths, adding new twists to the same tired lies, and why the most venerated media outlets in this country are snatching at his book and trumpeting it as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
After forty years, what are we still afraid of?
I gave this book one star for two reasons: 1) you can't go any lower on Amazon's scale, or I certainly would have; and 2)I suppose since it's written in readable English and the published photographs aren't fogged and black, I should pay tribute to the people who printed and bound the book. Posner himself gets nothing from me. When it comes to truth, you must be prepared to look elsewhere. As for me, if Mr. Posner said the sky is blue ... I would check.