NYSE:UDR BREAKING NEWS: Cramer at “The Street” Says Riptide Will Drown UDR Along with Avalon Bay and Equity Residential

September 9, 2009

Cramer: The State of the Market, Part II

This is the second of a four-part series on the market we find ourselves in as we wind down 2009.

Group 2: Commercial real estate plays. If there were one particular Achilles' heel of the bulls (amid a centipede-like group of Achilles' heels), it's commercial real estate. This issue is the stuff of endless articles and discussions, from the preternaturally-given-to-thermonuclear-war-against-stocks Gretchen Morgenson to our own jeremiad sounders -- too numerous to mention -- on RealMoney.

So I struggle with what to make of the action in the real estate investment trusts if things are going so awry in offices, malls and apartments, the troika of pain that is supposed to cause the next wave of collapsing banks.


The riptide should be carrying the following in its undertow: Avalon Bay (AVB Quote), Equity Residential (EQR Quote) and UDR (UDR Quote) in apartments.


Simon Properties (SPG Quote), Federal Reality (FRT Quote) and Developers Diversified (DDR Quote) in malls.


Boston Properties (BXP Quote), Vornado (VNO Quote) and Brandywine (BDN Quote) in office properties.

As well as real estate broker CB Richard Ellis (CBG Quote).

A look at each of the companies' Web sites, though, paints a thoroughly positive picture.

It is true that the real estate industry is pretty unrestrained when it comes to hype, but even the worst players in the worst markets -- like DDR and EQR with huge exposure to California [He forgot UDR who has 30% of its revenue tied to California.] -- seem to be very filled with tenants…. [Appearances are deceiving.]