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    landainsurance.com - Insurance Fraud

    I was recently contacted by somebody asking for advice about contacting GoDaddy about yet another fraudulent site they appear to be hosting. (He found me based on my previous posts regarding obopromo.com.)

    Rather than bother with GoDaddy, I've contacted the domain registrar (domainsbyproxy.com), my contact at the FBI, and VeriSign, the latter of whose seal is being used fraudulently at landainsurance.com. Between the non-functioning VeriSign seal and the host of complaints one finds when doing a Google search on "landa insurance", it's clear that the site is up to no good.

    Anyone have personal experience investigating or getting scammed by this site?

    [UPDATE: My FBI friend is clearly working late! He replied to me within minutes with news that the defendant in the case he's been building is up for sentencing next Wednesday. Also interesting, part of the charges are for ID theft. It turns out that the infamous "Joseph Landa" is actually an innocent Texan whose ID was stolen. I'll post more after next week's sentencing.]
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