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    Scam or not?! Lufthansa Airways Ireland

    Hi everyone.. I'm new here I'd like to ask everyone here if they know anything about Lufthansa Airways Ireland job scam?

    I receive an email today saying that i was hired at this airlines I'd like to know if this is a scam or not?

    I'm a family man and i was recently lay-off in the company i was working because of the global crisis badly.. So any work offer that is send to my email means a lot to me that's why id like to ask is this is a real job or just a scam.. help me out please thank you!

    This is the details they sent to me..
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    Re: Scam or not?! Lufthansa Airways Ireland

    Dude, do not post zip or exe files here.

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    Re: Scam or not?! Lufthansa Airways Ireland

    Unless you've personally applied to this company, according to their application procedures, it's a scam. No company, if it's legitimate, is going to send someone an email like this, unsolicited. This looks like a weird variation of one of the Nigerian scams. All they are after is your money and/or personal info. Sorry.

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    Re: Scam or not?! Lufthansa Airways Ireland

    100% Scam.

    The scammer will want your personal details including a scan of you driver's license or passport so he can re-use those to scam others by attempting to pass himself off as you.

    After he decides you are sucked into it, he was start to ask for fees, visa form fees, application fees, training fees, housing fees, what ever fee he can dream and convince you to send him via Western Union or moneygram. Each fee will be larger and the 'last one'.

    He might even say, here is your first paycheck, cash it and Western Union the extra to this person for whatever reason he thinks up.

    Unemployment is on the rise everywhere, companies have tons of applicants right in their home town, no need to email strangers in foreign countries for workers.

    Just delete the email and ignore him.
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