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    Fake Writing Jobs on *****slist.com

    Lately I've seen a new bogus job post on *****slist. Of course, those bogus posts are everywhere of *****slist, but this is a new one.

    The ad requests an experienced writer for writing website content, blog content, advertising copy, etc. On multiple occasions, responding to different ads, I received this auto-reply:

    Thanks for your interest in our writing project, however, we have
    already filled the position. We will consider you for future
    positions as they become available.

    Please check out
    http://FreelanceWritingConnection.com, which maintains an updated
    list of thousands of writing and editing jobs currently
    available, organized by the type of writing each company desires.
    Blog posters and article writers are earning up to $50 an hour,
    while longer fiction and non fiction pieces are selling for up to


    Geoff Marlaire
    Addis Media

    P.S. Once again, the address for the writing job database is
    Obviously, the job never existed, and I thought at first that this was just some tasteless way to promote a new freelance writing job-hub. But, following the link, I'm promptly re-directed to some scary-looking ad sites, which I killed before any bad scripts could be executed. Beware.
    Getting jerked around looking for work?

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    Re: Fake Writing Jobs on *****slist.com

    I would say, check out GoFreelance for freelance writing opportunities. They are at least on commission junction and have paid the $10k+ cost to be there. In my opinion, that removes the potential of being a scam. We’ve go some review of the program over at MoneyStance.com

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    Re: Fake Writing Jobs on *****slist.com

    I have recieved a few good reports at my site for Real Writing Jobs.
    Working from home is becoming a very popular career choice worldwide!
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