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    TCF bank , totally free student checking

    I think the picture speaks for it self. TCF has been charging me for my "free online banking" for my "totally free student checking account" for the year I have had my account. I just spent 2 hours at the bank and they refuse to refund me. There are situations where this charge is legitimate. For instance if I had used their online bill pay. I did not. Their customer service rep told me that when they established the online banking login (i had to get their tech support to help me log in) The account I had with them from four years ago wasnt downgraded to the totally free checking account, thus due to their error in establishing my account, I was charged 1-3$ fees threw out the last year that they refuse to refund.

    My picture unfortunately only has the last two or three months , as that is as much as I can look back with their system.

    Their free online banking , and totally free student checking accounts are a scam, dont fall for it.

    Ironically they actually tried to get me to open another account with them , as i sat wasting my time because they blatantly lie on their website, account opening contract, and charge me fees that are simply out of their agreement.

    Ps thank you once again scam.com for letting me have a voice to try to spread the facts.


    Just a bit confused why the size of the pic which i uploaded to an external site intentionally to save this sites bandwith got it edited out. Not to be a pain in the ass but can a mod please explain why this happened , when i intentionally uploaded to photo bucket for this exact reason.

    A pm will suffice, its just my understanding pictures hosted in the manner mine was has absolutely no impact on the site the picture is posted to. That is the purpose of photo bucket, and i fear my ignorance has left me feeling censored.
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    Re: TCF bank , totally free student checking

    picture too large to be seen. posted this way, anybody can see it by clicking on the link.

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    Re: TCF bank , totally free student checking

    Not sure there was reason to edit my post , I mod several forums my self. Private message would have been sufficient mumbles.

    I might have been rude above, after coming to mutual understanding, i feel it prudent to edit this post to be less abrasive.
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    Re: TCF bank , totally free student checking

    I would like to clarify the reason for my post being edited.

    I use firefox, which adds in scroll bars for large pics. The mod who modded me, uses ie7 for some ungodly reason. Though Microsoft has adopted nearly every break threw function of FF , they failed to clone the ability to add scroll bars for large pictures, The mod actually helped me reach a larger audience.

    After a little going back and forth in pms, i can say i agree with his decision.

    I find it more valuable for us to handle the talk in pm, and me to back his effort publicly , then him try to prove his point him self. On that basis , I post this..

    Thank you mumbles.

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