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    Unsolicited mail - Hubbard book and DVD


    The following happened to us: My husband received two unsolicited packages, one containing a book and the other a DVD. We only moved to into this apartment one month ago and my husband has given our address to several trusted friends. To our knowledge, none of them is involved in scientology. My husband is from a different country, and the book was in his language, although it was sent from the US through FedEx. The sender is Bridge Publications.

    We are wondering where scientologists got our address from (and so quickly!) and how they knew the native language of my husband (OK, his name kind of betrays it). First of all, however, we are worried that this might have implications, i.e. a bill for the book and DVD. We placed both items into a wardrobe without breaking the plastic they are wrapped in. We would like to get rid of them if possible but we are not sure it would be wise.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Unsolicited mail - Hubbard book and DVD

    Trash it!! Thats where anything on Scientology belongs! If you get a bill.....call them and tell them you did NOT order the item and you thought it was a gift.....theres nothing they can do.
    Now quit your yappin!! :2gunsfiring_v1:

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    Re: Unsolicited mail - Hubbard book and DVD

    You don't have to pay for unsolicited merchandise.
    Federal law.
    So long as they don't try to bill you, you can ignore them and recycle the crap they send you.
    Do not send anything back to them, or contact them for any reason - that just encourages them.
    (same advice applies to e-mail spammers)

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