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    ICON Construction & Manufacturing?

    Has anyone heard of this group based out of Atlanta, GA? They've been posting "work-at-home" jobs on Indeed's website and claiming $2200-12800 FT salary!!! I know, it's some kind of scam - just curious if anyone has run into them....Thanks

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    Re: ICON Construction & Manufacturing?

    There are 2 different companies with that name.

    The "real" company manufactures modular buildings. It looks like a completely legitimate company.

    However... the other company using that name is extremely fishy. They have the same ads posted in cities all over the USA. :cwm14:

    So my advice would be to avoid the "fake" company. And always be careful about people "borrowing" names from real companies.

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    Re: ICON Construction & Manufacturing?

    The link in the ad goes to a Herbalife rep...

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