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    Personal Assistant Scam

    Earlier I posted a question about this type of scam, and the members responded very quickly. Thanks to all. I'd like to offer this as a template to this scam. I have recieved this exact e-mail from both a Jack Murphy and a Peter Story.

    Do you need a part time job? I am looking for someone who can handle my personal and business errands at his/her spare time. Someone who can offer me these services: Mail services: Receive my mails and drop them off at FEDEX(nothing illegal)Shop for Gifts,Bill payment ( pay my bills on my behalf)Sit for delivery( at your home) or pick items up at nearby post office at your convenience ,i need to know where you are located? I would love to meet up with you to talk about this job but I am currently away on business. I am in Australia so there will be no interview. I will prepay you in advance to do my shopping. I will also have my mails and packages forwarded to your address. If you will be unable to stay at your house to get my mails, I can have it shipped to a post office near you and then you can pick it up at your convenience. When you get my mails/packages; you are required to mail them to where I want them mailed to. You don't have to put money out of your pocket, all you have to do is have packages shipped to your house and do my shopping. You are allowed to open the packages to reveal its content. The content of the packages are computer and electronics, clothings business and personal letters. All expenses and taxes will be covered by me. You will work between 15 and 20hrs a month. How much will you charge per month? I will pay $500.00. That is not a bad offer is it? I need your service because I am constantly out of town. I work in real estate and I own an Art Gallery in Australia. I will return to USA in January so this process will be on going till then. If you don't mind, I will meet up with you
    when I return and then we can talk about the possibility of making this long term. Well, let me know if you are able to handle the position. Hope to hear
    I will email you the list and pictures of what to shop for when I am ready. No heavy packages is involved! You can do the shopping at any nearest stores. You will be shopping for Electronics and clothings. I will provide you my personal UPS account number for Shipping. All you have to do is provide my account number to UPS and shipping charges will be applied into the account. I will provide clear set of instructions for each task I need done as well the funds to cover them. I am going to mail you a check for you to be able to do my shopping,please give me the information to be able to send this payment to you,How should your name appear on the check? Maybe you can provide me with the following details below

    Full Name:
    Full Address:
    (NO P.O.BOX)
    Zip Code:
    Phone Number:

    So now you will be receiving a check of your payment + the payment for the first shopping you will be doing for me,so i want you to receive this payment and wire the balance of the payment via western union money transfer to the company and shopping with,kindly let me know if you understand this 100% and we can move on and start this job asap.i will be waiting if there is any question for you to be clarified.
    Thanks so much

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    Re: Personal Assistant Scam

    Its almost definitly an advance check scheme.

    They send you fake checks, you deposit them, then spend the money buying stuff to send. You send the stuff only to find out that the checks were fake, and you now owe all the money.

    In addition, they might use you to accept stuff from other people (in the US) and then send it out of the country- for suckers that don't want to ship out of the country.

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