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    global-virtual offices.com are they legit?????


    I am wanting to use GloBAL-virtual offices.com to open a bank account and mastercard on my behalf in Italy. Are they definetly legit? Any info good or bad be great.

    south Africa:sun_smiley:

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    Re: global-virtual offices.com are they legit?????

    yes i have ordered this card and i use it. it is a bank account in italy and a mastercard comes attached. you get your own IBAN so people can send you wires to your own account. it has online banking. i get paid in USD and euros. i use the MC online too. i am happy with it and i have ordered virtual offices too so i can appear international with a business i run from home. :) so people think i have locations in the US, germany, france, spain and the UK but i am working at home. i cannot tell you how much money i have saved. i am very happy with everything. oh i initially found GVO on http://www.startupoverseas.co.uk/

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