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    Hometown Fashions Furniture Delivery Rip Offs!!!!!

    This post is a warning for anyone contacted by Hometown Fashions Furniture in Illinois to do any type of furniture delivery for them. If you do, get all of the money up front! They can not be trusted to pay you afterwards.

    Seems a lot of moving companies I'm encountering are doing the same thing for regular moving jobs. Guess it's hard to collect money owed on a moving job afterwards.

    I do moving labor based out of McKinney TX near Dallas. Hometown Fashions Furniture contacted me on August 7th to pick up and deliver seven pieces of furniture for them to Magnolia TX which is near Houston. They wanted the furniture delivered that same day. I was able to do it no problem and without a hitch.

    We negotiated on a price of $400. The drive there took about 4.5 hours and I got a signed receipt like they asked for. I got a $200 up front payment via PayPal so I figured the guy John was on the up and up. Wrong!

    Since I delivered the furniture I have not been able to contact John or anyone at Hometown Fashions Furniture being their 800 number is disconnected. Nor have any of my email messages been returned. So be warned when dealing with them any potential furniture deliverers, get all of the money up front or you will not get it.

    They do have a slick looking website at http://www.hometownfashions.com , but neither the 800 number nor the online chat was working when I checked it out around noon today.

    Mike Flores
    Muscle Man Moving

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    Re: Hometown Fashions Furniture Delivery Rip Offs!

    Yeah, I did do the usual check online to see if I could find any bad p.r. about Hometown Fashions Furniture, but I didn't find anything. That's the great thing about scam.com, when you do encounter someone like JOHN that rips you off, you can at least report them and then maybe it won't happen to somebody else.
    After emailing the guy about my reporting him, he finally emailed me back, after 3 weeks of avoiding me. Said he was on the road making furniture deliveries for two weeks. I must have sent him dozens of emails and left as many phone messages. Anyway his excuse was he didn't get the signed copy of the delivery receipt which was total b.s. because I emailed it to him and his friend who sent me the original $200 payment. So of course I sent it to him again last week and still nothing. I'm not going to deal with him anymore. He's got his copy of the receipt, and he knows he still owes me $200. Until he pays up I'm going to make it a point to let everyone in the world know he's a lying bastard and nobody should trust him because he'll screw you over. GET THE MONEY UP FRONT WHEN DEALING WITH JOHN FROM HOMETOWN FASHIONS! You've been warned!

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