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    IMED MRI exploits workers

    This is a Glenview, IL-based MRI clinic that DOES NOT pay for employment performed on behalf of the company. After an initial interview and being liked by all hiring staff, I was to begin working the following week. Little did I know that I would be "training" for these people all day for FREE! This is shady and no one works for free, not even "training". If they are going to invest their time in training me, it is fitting that they pay for the time I spent at the office working. I spent two whole days working for these people for free. Almost all of them are Russian and none speak clear, coherent English. They are making token gestures of "marketing" to Latino market by hiring 1 Latina and failing to pay her! This is a very disorganized company and terrible management and if you're not careful, they'll cheat you out of working there. Watch out for IMED MRI in Glenview!

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    Re: IMED MRI exploits workers

    what are you talking about i went to imedmri and i got the best service i have ever got from any business around they have the best service and tools to help people who need MRI i recommend IMEDMRI to anyone great business

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